Highest round in Zombies

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User Info: DemonReacher

4 years ago#11
I have gotten to 45 solo in Ascension, in this game not so high.

33 Farm solo, and 23 solo bus depot which is pretty damn hard.
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User Info: johnwuzhere1993

4 years ago#12
18 solo and like early 30s for mp
Honestly by that point everyone else was dying off in the first 10 minutes but this one guy and even then he admitted to being somewhat bored and wanting it to be over.
I consider anything into the 20's to be a good game because by then there's nothing else to do but run trains. I haven't played Die Rise yet but hopefully it mixes up the formula a bit.
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User Info: 66_Ryder

4 years ago#13
On first black ops got to 52 on acension, on black ops 2, 45 on nuketown and 44 on town with 2 players, going to attempt Tranzit this weekend
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User Info: juker79

4 years ago#14
Tranzit: 34 solo (then killed myself). 28 4-player before host quit and got booted; 24 I think is on the record books. I don't play much survival; did have an intense 26 round game on Town-Grief.
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