Gotta say...SMR is one of the worst semi-auto guns i used in cods

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  3. Gotta say...SMR is one of the worst semi-auto guns i used in cods

User Info: ThankMeNowBLEHH

4 years ago#21
blinged mw2 fal, cod 4 m14, cod 4 g2, black ops m14, mw3 mk14.... i love those guns. yeah black ops 2 semi sucks.

User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#22
The SMR is alright for me. I have a 1.9 KDR with it. But I dislike semi-auto (especially on xbox since I hate the controller).

As for previous semi-autos, I always liked the SV40 (I believe this is what it was called) from world at war.

User Info: hamdooley

4 years ago#23
I used my first permanent token on the SMR, i love it.
Captain Yesterday.

User Info: UbderDude

4 years ago#24
M14PRO posted...
I love using guns people hate to use Ty gfaqs I'm officially maining the smr now the swat was my girl till the buff everyone uses it now:0 why you make my underused gun overused.

I'm just getting into the SWAT it's pretty boss. This board makes me want to main the SMR too now lol. I definitely enjoy using the underused guns or guns that are percieved as a "challenge".
All glory to the Hypno Toad!

User Info: KrazyDago101

4 years ago#25
SMR + Select Fire + Scavenger.... It is one of the best guns in the game. If you think it sucks, you can't aim.
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User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#26
i think its the mag size that's troubling our friend ...

User Info: p06111981

4 years ago#27
The waw semi autos were insane as they have no jamming system. So if your finger was fast enough you could fire dam quick.

User Info: sillybulanston

4 years ago#28
I miss the Mk14 one shot headshot.
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User Info: xMessiahbolical

4 years ago#29
darkshadowmaster posted...
an almost non-existent RoF cap

I beg to differ. The RoF cap was pretty slow, even with Rapid Fire attached it bugged me that the RoF was slower than the speed I was pressing the trigger was faster than the speed of the bullets coming out of the gun. The over-sampling would mess up my aim/cost me kills sometimes.
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User Info: xMessiahbolical

4 years ago#30
Also, as far as Semi Auto guns in COD go, the HS10 in Black Ops was pretty bad, as well as the ASP. And the Deagle in MW3.
PSN - xwageslavex
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  3. Gotta say...SMR is one of the worst semi-auto guns i used in cods

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