Nuclear killer medal.

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User Info: Snooze36

4 years ago#1
Any good tips on how to get?
PSN: Snooze36

User Info: LonelyOne02

4 years ago#2
If u search the boards, you may be able to find a good kit to use. But honestly, its all luck based. The closest I've gotten was 19 and that was on Standoff with the MK48 LMG. The main way to obtain it with more ease is to get on a game full of bad players, but again that's all luck dependant.

User Info: Snooze36

4 years ago#3
Hmmm okay thanks.
PSN: Snooze36

User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#4
what the lonely one said ... stock up on luck ... massive amounts of it ...

User Info: Snooze36

4 years ago#5
Zed7777ZR1 posted...
what the lonely one said ... stock up on luck ... massive amounts of it ...

Ahh luck the rarest element know to man. XD
PSN: Snooze36

User Info: rpink2207

4 years ago#6
I got it covering B dom on slums with my MK48 tf, fmj setup. Ya i played kinda campy for it but I dont care lol
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User Info: SilensOccisor

4 years ago#7
Be careful, I lift wights. I can beat you up IRL
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User Info: KrazyDago101

4 years ago#8
Ground war, Domination, Ghost, LMG, Silencer, and Skill

No Luck needed.
PSN:KrazyDago and XBL:IckyThumb89

User Info: premier024

4 years ago#9
When i got mine i got tossed into a dom match on overflow with the worst people ive seen in this game, they just kept rushing C while i sat in the window mowing them down.
I5 l 16 gig l evga 660
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User Info: TheKingOfKool

4 years ago#10
My friend got it on Slums Kill Confirmed. We rolled in a 3 man party and he got it because I ran support and called in 4 VSATS, he got 4 VSATS and the other guy 2 VSATS and a Lodestar.

What's funny is he was using the SVU and wanted to kill himself to get more ammo because he was going for Blood Thirsty. The our team didn't rage and no one on our team was collecting tags or anything.
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