How is FFA in this game?

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User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#1
I have not played FFA since MW2. After I discovered HQ and Domination I never went back to FFA. But the FFA title looks awesome so might give it a go.

So what will I expect to see in FFA? QS, Campers, claymores, etc.

How does the spawn system work in FFA?

What is a good all around class to use in FFA?
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User Info: Hiruseki

4 years ago#2
It was good in CoD4, MW2 and BO1 imo. Don't like in the other games including BO2, the maps and spawns just aren't suited. It's definitely harder to control spawns.
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User Info: xMessiahbolical

4 years ago#3
It's pretty awful tbqh. Ridiculously bad spawns, only get 100 points per kill(should be 120), there's Shock Charges/Bouncing Betties every way you turn, the maps aren't big enough...
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User Info: SykoslocosXRZ

4 years ago#4
6 people camping, 2 guys running around shooting each other and winning because the rest are hiding/camping occasionally getting lucky
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User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#5
you've been in this board since launch and pretty much respond to alot of topics ...

and now you're making this topic ...? im sorry but i don't see the point ...

you can play dumb and go with " i just asked a question " ...

User Info: melongstrike

4 years ago#6
Not bad.

Camping isn't an issue since there is always a UAV in the air.

Played 4 games won 1st place 3 times.
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User Info: ors_kar

4 years ago#7

- Spawns are messed up in that the guy you just killed will usually spawn near you. Not fun if you just got a triple kill.

- Shotgun guys patrolling tight areas.

- Scorpion guys corner camping. The stairways of Express come to mind.

- There will always be that one guy who camps hard in a good spot all match, with betties, shocks, flak, etc. Like that room near A on Yemen.

- Most of your deaths will come from shots in the back, but that's the same with your kills.

- Betties and charges everywhere. Most of the time the person it belongs to is on the other side of the map already too.


- If you're competent, you can pad your overall W/L easily. You just need to place in top 3.

- Less lag because only 8 players. Feels like it anyway. There's less people playing it than domination or something, so you'd think less chance of a good room but I have fewer games with obvious lag compared to other modes.

- No parties stacking against you

- Little scorestreak spam. You'll rarely see anything other than UAV and hunter killer. A UAV needs a bloodthirsty if you just go by kills alone.

- No one with any sense runs TF, as the messed up spawns means you need as much peripheral vision as possible.

Toughness, engineer or tac mask and dexterity are pretty much necessary perks though.

If you keep on the move and occasionally turn around and check your back, you will place pretty much every time. You can kinda get the hang of where spots to watch out for spawns are. Sure, some people camp but due to the nature of the maps you'll get flanked constantly if you do so. The people at the top of scoring never stick around one place too long (unless they're abusing a badly designed spot)

Personally, I tend to keep distance from people as I use AN-94 and I like using it to out-range people over rushing into every corridor and having to deal with SMG/shotguns in cqc. So many people abuse SMGs in general that I can keep a decent k/d in FFA (2.2 compared to my overall 1.75) just from out-ranging them while taking my time and not worrying about team-mates losing the game. It's funny how many times someone tries to have a mid ranged fight with me presuming I'm using an SMG too.

I wouldn't mind the negative stuff so much if it wasn't for people BS denying me my Relentless medal (e.g. got to 18 kills last night, vsat up, then a guy revenge spawns right at my back with a scorpion... )
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User Info: sillybulanston

4 years ago#8
SykoslocosXRZ posted...
6 people camping, 2 guys running around shooting each other and winning because the rest are hiding/camping occasionally getting lucky

This is pretty much accurate. Once every 5 lobbies or so you'll run into a person who actually plays FFA regularly and knows the spawns, but other than that the game mode is largely full of below average players.
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User Info: Fungi13

4 years ago#9
Getting scorestreaks in FFA is a joke.

User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#10
You can control the spawns by not looking at the spawn location when you kill someone.

Also it's fun to put either a claymore or BB on a spawnpoint.
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