How is FFA in this game?

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User Info: juker79

4 years ago#11
Less lag because only 8 players. Feels like it anyway.

Yeah, seems like the lag has gotten worse in the other game modes so I started playing FFA for this reason. Definitly a noticable difference.

User Info: SweetSweetBacon

4 years ago#12
Quote:It's pretty awful tbqh. Ridiculously bad spawns, only get 100 points per kill(should be 120), there's Shock Charges/Bouncing Betties every way you turn, the maps aren't big enough...
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User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#13
Zed7777ZR1 posted...
you've been in this board since launch and pretty much respond to alot of topics ...

and now you're making this topic ...? im sorry but i don't see the point ...

you can play dumb and go with " i just asked a question " ...

Sorry but I have not been on this board since launch. I got the game on launch but never opened the box until two weeks before xmas. Been on the COD4, MW2, BO and MW3 boards.
Guns Don't Kill People, Lag Does~!

User Info: melongstrike

4 years ago#14
melongstrike posted...
Not bad.

Camping isn't an issue since there is always a UAV in the air.

Played 4 games won 1st place 3 times.

Haha I had a nagging feeling for a few days now just realized it was because of this post.

I just noticed I posted for Gun game and not ffa

In that case free for all sucks. for all the reasons posted above.

Sorry about that.
Thanks, White_D3vi1: Most people are just putting dicks on dolphins and calling it a season.
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