Anyone ever lose game sound and then get random noise out of their speakers?

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  3. Anyone ever lose game sound and then get random noise out of their speakers?

User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#21
_Deadeye_CM_ posted...
If you're talking about the glitchy, electronic sounding distortion, then it can be fixed by switching from Multiplayer to Zombies and back(or the opposite if you're playing Zombies). It's much faster than restarting the console.

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User Info: Tjq2000

4 years ago#22
greggreggreg2000 posted...
This has happened to me about 10 times since the game came out. Most recently, today :(

I got this quite a few times but not recently and the first time i got it was in a zombies game and i didnt leave and my system ended up freezing and i had to have the system restore the HD. The i could still hear people on the mic though. Now I've noticed there is a new sound bug. I would play and have the music and sound effects go out but have the the voice stay on. I'm not too sure about hearing the players on the mic though. Either it cuts them off too or they weren't talking during that match. The sound went back to normal while back in the lobby but cut out the next game. At least my system didn't freeze up and had to restore the HD again.

User Info: Nile_Water

4 years ago#23

I have the sound problems a few times now,it usually occurs on Farm Zombies Map when i played Solo.

Once the Zombies sound problem even happened on Hijacked Team Deathmatch it was very strange since Multiplayer is a different part of the game.

The noise sounds like a helicopter in the distance with plenty of static (crackling sound) and can be annoying if you try to cope with it.
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User Info: xMessiahbolical

4 years ago#24
It's happened to me like 6 times since the last patch and never happened to me once before that. I had to reset my PS3 to get my sound back.
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#25
FYI: You do not have to restart the console to fix it, just restarting the game will work.
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User Info: KDogg1800

4 years ago#26
I absolutely hate this sound glitch. It's happened to me a lot in MW3. Happened to me two days ago in BO2. I tried to tough it out and my game froze two minutes later. It's occurred about 4-5 times since I got BO2 on release day. Thanks for the tip on getting rid of it by changing the mode. I used to quit the game completely to fix it.
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  3. Anyone ever lose game sound and then get random noise out of their speakers?

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