What kind of masochist gets diamond camo for the AR's?

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  3. What kind of masochist gets diamond camo for the AR's?

User Info: truly_FLCL

4 years ago#1
These long shots, man...

I've been trying the hardcore-camp-and-aim-down-a-long-line-of-sight-with-target-finder-and-surpessor method, but I still only have 2/10.

User Info: kuter

4 years ago#2
It's easy, just time consuming

User Info: truly_FLCL

4 years ago#3
wow, lol, nevermind!

found a sweet spot in raid and got 7 of them within mere minutes

User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#4
Long shots are easy and I usually get them on these maps. This is just as easy as Ronin.

Yemen = Balcony near A to balcony near C.
Carrier = Stand 45 degree angle metal and shoot them as they come out of cover.
Standoff = Window to window.
Nuketown 2025 = Behind bus to backyard or Kitchen to backyard.
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User Info: macdaddygee

4 years ago#5
meltdown demolition over the bomb on the catwalk reflex with predator guards the sniping spot there plus the other route to the bomb. equip fmj to make you you can nail em through cover.

other is mirage domination covering the flag B. cover the other opposite sniping spot while keeping on the route underneath and the diving board stairs.

fmj is good.because if they see you and you dont headshotst em, you can.shoot em through their cover. fmj sight and grip. screw suppressor, people knowing where you are meams more people heading towards you, means more.potential long shots.
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User Info: dpcdomino

4 years ago#6
Grind has the ramp snipe spot to the alley coming from the bathroom spawn spot

Cargo from behind the barrels on that long stretch past the car to the crate sniper spot.

User Info: Jacket60

4 years ago#7
I once got all 10 of them in a single match on Express. I forget what gun it was.

User Info: CorporalJigsore

4 years ago#8
Long shots and no attachments always take me the longest for some reason. I've gotten the assault rifles and submachine guns done. Currently working on the light machine guns.
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User Info: pingpongching

4 years ago#9
Diamond camo hunters....

...it's your baby.

*cookie for the reference*
"Rely on the luck of the rabbit's foot if you must, just remember that it didn't work for the rabbit."
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#10
The only weapon I've had issues getting longshots with was the SWAT, and that was because I did it pre-buff.
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