wtf did i just watch?

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User Info: B0vril

5 years ago#11
I think, to put it simply, It looks..


User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#12
Shah138 posted...
From: FeelMyBlade | #009
Long time no see, how's it going?
Nothing much, now we need to wait for everyone else for a reunion.

Good, I got a list of trolls I am just dying to dominate again.
brohoof anyone? ^-^ /) ?
No. of Brohoofs-11

User Info: ColdHardFacts

5 years ago#13
the off part was the graphics , the on part was the concept. i personally cant wait. i hope trolls stay off the board we really dont care what you think.
PSN : TrazGodKing
GT : Tra Z God King

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