Call of Duty: War Propaganda Ops

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User Info: FIaming_Zombie

5 years ago#1
No, really. Oliver North is the consultant for the game. Oliver North, the same guy who was caught up in the Rex-82 plans, the same guy who oversaw C-130's moving coke out of Panama, the same guy who WAS the Iran-Contra affair.

I think the aim of this game could potentially be to rationalize the absurd, and unsustainable surveillance-state approach to recent talking points of "omg cyber-terrorism" that the government and mainstream media keep harping on about.

I'm sure the game will be fun, but I'm sure the moral of the story will be:

"To prevent this kind of future, we need to pass more bills like NDAA, and CISPA as well as spy on you while you touch yourself."
Blank blank is blank.

User Info: zeppelin312

5 years ago#2

and 9/11 was a concpiracy involving our goevernment

User Info: Slayer

5 years ago#3
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