Shotguns in Black Ops 2 - Will they be buffed?

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  3. Shotguns in Black Ops 2 - Will they be buffed?

User Info: GoldenEye8686

5 years ago#1
I sure hope so! And I hope they bring back firing range! xD
I'll whip your ass IRL ('. ')

User Info: Firebolt4

5 years ago#2
No body knows

User Info: NotQuiteAFreak

5 years ago#3
All I know is my gut says maybe.
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Started 13/4/2010

User Info: CodenameDuchess

5 years ago#4
I thought Blops shotguns were just fine. No buff needed IMO.
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User Info: earthmaster3

5 years ago#5
NotQuiteAFreak posted...
All I know is my gut says maybe.

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User Info: BTzz

5 years ago#6
Bring back Black Ops shotguns with a slight buff.

Every shotgun should be about Blops SPAS level of good IMO.
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User Info: patgd04

5 years ago#7
only shotgun ppl really had a problem with was the one that started with a H something >_> thing was annoying the SO was fine just inconstant not much change is really needed for it and the two shot one was great in good hands >_>
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User Info: Faust_8

5 years ago#8
The SPAS and Olympia were just fine in BO. However the HS-10 was utterly outclassed and the Stakeout was too inconsistent with the fire rate it had...though that was less because of its stats and more of the netcode.

The only changes to actual shotgun mechanics I would make is slightly up the minimum damage of the powerful ones (instead of a minimum of 10 for everything, it should be 15-20) and also bring back the absence of hipfire bloom when you move with them.

Besides that we need better netcode or whatever to make the powerful but slow firing shotguns good. I just could not use the Stakeout because it got me killed with hitmarkers too often. The Olympia was just as powerful so it didn't get hitmarkers any more or less usually, but it had a second shot for those BS moments that inevitably happen.
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User Info: MG42_CHEF

5 years ago#9
If the maps are cluster****y like MW3, Blops shotguns with a slight buff work. But if the maps are MW2/BO status, they need the MW2 range and power.
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User Info: Amidamaru_

5 years ago#10

Guys I just got back from the future, and yes. Shotguns are buffed to rediculous levels. And they completely nerfed sniper rifles. In fact, if you pick snipers at any point in the game, aside from a mandatory point in the campaign, the disc melts and your console blows up.

When people asked for a nerf to shotties, assault rifles got nerfed instead, and a random selection of gamers who were profiled as snipers (for example people with gamertags like: XXXSnipezzzz4evaXXX) were rounded up and sent to death camps.

It was glorious.

(Yes, I used the Striker in MW3. I was right pissed when it got the nerf. I also dislike the annoying kind of sniper. You know the type.)
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  3. Shotguns in Black Ops 2 - Will they be buffed?

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