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User Info: AxlTheNinja

5 years ago#1
im not even done with MW3 D:

i cant keep up no more...
GT: Axl The Ninja

User Info: DarkJaydragon

5 years ago#2
You should wait for the new COd that's coming out next year so you can get your money out of this one.

Or wait for the one the year after that one.
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User Info: VoidBeyond

5 years ago#3
What do you expect? They pop a new one out every year. It's nothing new. And as long as people keep buying them, they'll keep throwing a new coat of paint on and rehash it.

User Info: monkeyjoy2008

5 years ago#4
There is a new cod every year.
I over heard people talking about what the next cod might be in 2013
This is my cup of care \_/ oh look, IT'S FREAKING EMPTY

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