Combat Knife

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User Info: d3dsight

5 years ago#1
Sorry, but I haven't seen anyone discussing this, even though there are plenty of knife topics.

It is my understanding that, if you don't have a secondary weapon selected, then you will automatically use the "combat knife" as your secondary. However, you can still knife someone when your primary is out. So there has to be a difference between "normal knifing" and the "combat knife"...right? Or am I missing something? Anybody know?

I'm guessing it's at least faster - kind of how the melee knife you use with a pistol in MW3 is.
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User Info: Liquid_Deoxxys

5 years ago#3
Im hoping this knife has commando built in, I say this because you actually have to take it out

User Info: parkourboybryan

5 years ago#4
The Combat knife works better because you don't have to put it away and redraw so you can knife faster.
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User Info: bobstevens23123

5 years ago#5
parkourboybryan posted...
The Combat knife works better because you don't have to put it away and redraw so you can knife faster.

i heard some where that it was like the tac knife
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User Info: WhooKilledKenny

5 years ago#6
No the tac knife is still in the game the combat is different

User Info: Valerium

5 years ago#7
Surely it has some negative aspect to it, if you get this by default for not equiping a secondary? All we know so far is that you cannot pick up another secondary weapon, thats it really.

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

5 years ago#8
But how much lunging can it do compared to the default knife?
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