sooooo no new perks?

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User Info: Alexanaxela

5 years ago#11
firepyro121 posted...
even if they sucked and nobody used them, at least they would be something new. Anyone else feelt he same way?

... no
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User Info: NarutoTaio

5 years ago#12
torey_caylor posted...
I think they ran out of ideas. What could they possibly add next?

A lot more.
I think they are scared of reactions if they totally revamped perks.

User Info: ThankMeNowBLEHH

5 years ago#13
thats what i was thinking. that they got lazy in making new perks and instead just cut out some existing perk abilities and just recycle them as "new" perks which really isnt. why dont they just cut the bs, combine the designated perks and make new ones. recon pro was totally genius, marksman was good too.

well i can see why they ran out of ideas. thats why theres no pro perks and a made a big revamp on the score streaks and create a class.
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