I'll never understand why these yearly games are $65

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User Info: Saizen13

4 years ago#12
Do you know how much replay value people get from a Cod game? Single player campaign, zombies, multiplayer. Days of playtime for some, weeks for others and months for the die hard fans. It's worth it to be honest. A sports game I don't feel is because not as much changes but if you play it a ton then it'll be worth it. Isn't it better than paying the same price for a single player game that you will only get 6-12 hours out of unless you are a completionist?

User Info: patgd04

4 years ago#13
TheGuy975 posted...
The new insert sports game here is nothing more than a $65 roster update
These cod games ate nothing more than a $65 new maps and guns
When you look past the new additions 3arc put into this game it's just another cod game that you'll pay for $65 then grow tired of it and then be "excited" for the next one. You can have just as much fun in this new cod as any of the older ones. Sigh I just don't understand it and I'm not trying to flame I'm just being brutally honest here.

why people watch the same game every year ? why people watch the same show every week ? why people eat the same food every so often ? why do we enter these same topics every time they pop up ?
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User Info: darealest47

4 years ago#14
We'll buy it because we LIKE it. This applies to pretty much everything.
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User Info: elchris79

4 years ago#15
In the UK, you go out for a PROPER night out you're gonna spend 150 bucks minimum. Compared to the value of cod, the people who whine about price are people who get their mammies to buy it for birthday/Xmas. It's nothing

User Info: CallMeSeeker

4 years ago#16
supply and demand and all that jazz
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User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#17
Treyarch and IW put wayy more effort and $$$ in their games than the annual sports games.
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User Info: TheGuy975

4 years ago#18
The thing I don't seem to understand is that all the inevitable complaints are going to be the same complaints as before and some of you will say that last year's cod was better when they're same game as before. I'm sorry but I just can't see how you guys will be spending $65 minimal for the same game that will just utter yet another copy next year. The game has a 2 hour campaign, a mini game that's suppose to be a full fledge co op mode and the usual multiplayer with new guns you're complain about being over powered and maps where you'll complain about campers, spawn trappers, not to mention people are idiots online and playing with squeaky 8 year olds isn't fun at all.
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User Info: Irishluck18

4 years ago#19
first of all this is a stupid thread primarily because you will most likely be one of the millions to buy this game. second if you're waiting for halo 4 wii u and that other nonsense you've listed you can't be far off from those 8 year olds. every game will have complainers but that doesn't change how good a game is. that just means people like you only post about topics that annoy you. the rest of us would rather enjoy the game. there arent any games I have put more time into compared to cod(excluding mw3). I still play bops as much as I did when it was released. these companies like money just as much as we like playing their games. games have always cost this much. maybe not all of them but I still remember buying n64 games for $50. an extra $15 ain't that big of a difference.
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User Info: High_Warlord

4 years ago#20
I'll never understand why people never understand this.
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