Zombies or Multiplayer?

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User Info: Who_ate_the_pie

5 years ago#21

Zombies is like the cherry on top.
I don't care.

User Info: Z0rsid

5 years ago#22
Who_ate_the_pie posted...

Zombies is like the cherry on top.

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User Info: ebm2012

5 years ago#23
Are we able to level up in Zombies? If not, then both.

User Info: Smurf86

5 years ago#24
ADono4 posted...
zombies. definitely zombies. way better than multiplayer. not even a contest. and no that's not an opinion. purely factual

My ass. If you enjoy corralling mindless AI, there've been plenty of better games out there already with this type of genre. THAT is a fact. And by better I mean far more challenging and much more amusing.

The trailer is actually very impressive, but if this were the only reason you were even buying the game, then without a doubt you're wasting your money or just don't have a clue about the other games that exist out there today.

However, I don't blame anyone for wanting this game due to the new gameplay for Zombies considering it's now officially a selling point in the game where previously it was just an extra feature. Personally, Multiplayer was the only reason I was buying this game initially. My coworker was trying to convince me to play for the Zombies and I called him crazy. After the trailer appeared, I could somewhat understand where he was coming from. Well, not from him saying Black Ops 1 is still the ****-- that just doesn't make any lick of sense to me.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.
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