R.I.P. Favela?

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User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#31
Old IW were probably a bunch of atheist stoners. Why can't they dump on religion if they do it in a subtle, humorous manner that hurts no one except some guy's feelings? Last time I checked IW was an American company. In America you can legally be a ****ing Nazi if you so wish. What's a religious joke here and there really gonna do? I'll bet 90 percent of MW2 players didn't even know that existed until this story broke.

Yes they are an American company, and I'm guessing that you are going with "Freedom of Speech here". Freedom of Speech only saves them from being imprisoned, which is why people can legally be a nazi here.

However, since they are an "American company" they need to make sure that they don't offend a large group of people (of any race) otherwise that group might vote with their wallets elsewhere.

Religious jokes here and there are what gets people fired, and I knew somebody years ago that got canned for something that he thought was harmless. Just remember what you think may be harmless to you may not seem harmless to somebody else.

For the record, I make my share of "politically incorrect jokes" too but I would have NEVER pulled a "large public stunt" like this if I originally knew what it meant. I'm sure the guys that did this are gone too, but IMO it's still not worth the risk of getting fired...
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User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#32
Silver17 posted...
lol - OMA stays in the game and Favela is gone. Whatever, I hated MW2 anyway.

Loved the series (especially COD4/MW3/BO), but just hated that game...

^ this. I pull hair out routinely thinking about why they never fixed OMA. If you take the tubes and stacking to ungodly killstreaks from Mw2 it's easily the most enjoyable COD

WHAT The hell was going on in those offices?
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User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#33

Too much to quote. Listen I get where you are coming from and I'm not out to change your mind (or anybody elses here) or beliefs. Believe it or not I support whatever anybody wants to believe.

If you don't believe in anything, more power to you, and I "respect" that...
"Pretty Women Make Us Buy Beer. Ugly Women Make Us DRINK BEER!" - Al Bundy
(12/14/2010 = All time Worst Patch in the History of Gaming!)

User Info: cifer520

4 years ago#34
No matter how popular you get there are always specific demographics. Religious people are not one of IW's, especially those whose religion originates from the Middle East. IW losing the Muslim demographic would be like Burger King cutting salads from the menu and losing the vegetarian demographic. Yes it's a loss, but you know what's far more important than saving it is pleasing the majority of your consumer base. I don't think removing beloved maps is a good move in that direction. And if someone was gonna get fired over this it would have happened in 2008 or 9 while the game was still being tested.

User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#35
If you guys care so much about getting the map back, then go to callofduty.com boards and get a petition going then. Geez.
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User Info: Loshadt

4 years ago#36
Why is there anything Muslim related in Favela? Is Islam popular in Brazil (Huehuahuehuahuehua)? Because if not that makes no damn sense.

Also, there's nothing wrong with Islam (or religion in general). It's just a small group within it that is used to always getting its way thanks to white guilt.
Russian is my first language, so yes there may be a spelling error or two.
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User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#37
deoxxys posted...
MW2 came out forever ago though....

Gotta love children that think a game that came out a few years ago is "old" and irrelevant.
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User Info: Aether_Lyric

4 years ago#38
I can't believe this actually happened, religion is such a joke.

User Info: genius14

4 years ago#39
Loshadt posted...
Why is there anything Muslim related in Favela? Is Islam popular in Brazil (Huehuahuehuahuehua)? Because if not that makes no damn sense.

Also, there's nothing wrong with Islam (or religion in general). It's just a small group within it that is used to always getting its way thanks to white guilt.

That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever read.
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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#40
Cursedsasuke176 posted...
its hard not to dump on other religions, if you really analyze and think logically about what a lot of the religions require you to believe in, its just such blasphemy. Just the general idea of believing that closing your eyes and putting your hands together, and then talking to the air while telling yourself someone out there is listening, and expecting that to change your life for the better is more than enough to show how stupid it all is.

The thing about religion that gets me though, is that people live their lives by that imaginary guy they think is listening. think of all the things people dont do, dont experience, wont experience, because they are constricted by their religion. Religion is all about following guidelines so youre worthy of god and can live forever in the afterlife, at the end of the day thats the point, right?

Just to blow youre mind, think about it like this. youre reading this, im typing it, youre breating, your mind is processing this. That's your brain transmitting the information, but how do you know this text really exists? how do you know there is an existence? reality is only what your brain perceives, in all honesty, how do you know that you even exist or that everything you know is real? your reality is only what you know it is, it isnt made or determined by an outside force...an idea that only even exists because someone long ago thought it up.

Religion is just a soft pillow that people use to cover up how miserable their lives are, in a way i wish i could be religious. it must be great, believing that no matter what happens, something more important than you is out there and loves you and forgives you. sadly, i just cant stomach it, i cant stomach not using words swear words, i cant handle the thought of not having sex until im married, and i cant stand stupid people that think they have all the answers because they read a most likely horribly translated book that was apparently written by FOLLOWERS that is supposed to preach the teachings of jesus, the SON of the one they all are supposed to look up to. Dont even get me started on the stories the bible tells, are they really all that different from fairy tales?

thats all religion is, an ancient fairy tale that has multiple different versions that people decided to live their lives by and preach about. If you believe it, thats fine, but in all honesty, its all a load of crap.

I'm as non-theist as they come (call me atheist, agnostic atheist, whatever. I'm trying to not to define myself with what I'm not in the same way I don't define myself as an a-racist either) and this made me cringe.

Your post has all the hallmarks of a teenage angstheist. Nobody likes those. Not the theists, for obvious reasons, and not the atheists who get misunderstood because of posts of like these.

Ranting "fairy tale" this and "stupid" that gets you nowhere. Because even if you're right you're still acting like an ass. Nobody ever changes their mind on an important philosophical discussion because somebody screamed insults.

Not to mention that some of your condescension for religion apparently stems from simply not wanting to follow the rules. So all in all, your post makes it appear that you really don't know the actual failings of religion, you're just hand-waving it away with petty insults just because you want to live without rules.

I'm not a theist, I don't believe in god(s) or any religion, and I still think you should probably shut up. You're literally making the rest of us look like insufferable, ignorant d-bags.
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