R.I.P. Favela?

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User Info: supercoolisaac

5 years ago#41
Cursedsasuke176 posted...
Silver17 posted...
Alright - I'm just an average white male, but IW did the right thing here by removing that out of the game. I really don't care what religion you follow (or don't follow for that matter) - IT'S NEVER OK to dump on other religions.

Sure the picture should have been taken out and not the map, but IMHO the devs that created that map are more at fault for this being in the game to begin with since it became an issue to be removed...

its hard not to dump on other religions, if you really analyze and think logically about what a lot of the religions require you to believe in, its just such blasphemy. Just the general idea of believing that closing your eyes and putting your hands together, and then talking to the air while telling yourself someone out there is listening, and expecting that to change your life for the better is more than enough to show how stupid it all is.

The thing about religion that gets me though, is that people live their lives by that imaginary guy they think is listening. think of all the things people dont do, dont experience, wont experience, because they are constricted by their religion. Religion is all about following guidelines so youre worthy of god and can live forever in the afterlife, at the end of the day thats the point, right?

Just to blow youre mind, think about it like this. youre reading this, im typing it, youre breating, your mind is processing this. That's your brain transmitting the information, but how do you know this text really exists? how do you know there is an existence? reality is only what your brain perceives, in all honesty, how do you know that you even exist or that everything you know is real? your reality is only what you know it is, it isnt made or determined by an outside force...an idea that only even exists because someone long ago thought it up.

Religion is just a soft pillow that people use to cover up how miserable their lives are, in a way i wish i could be religious. it must be great, believing that no matter what happens, something more important than you is out there and loves you and forgives you. sadly, i just cant stomach it, i cant stomach not using words swear words, i cant handle the thought of not having sex until im married, and i cant stand stupid people that think they have all the answers because they read a most likely horribly translated book that was apparently written by FOLLOWERS that is supposed to preach the teachings of jesus, the SON of the one they all are supposed to look up to. Dont even get me started on the stories the bible tells, are they really all that different from fairy tales?

thats all religion is, an ancient fairy tale that has multiple different versions that people decided to live their lives by and preach about. If you believe it, thats fine, but in all honesty, its all a load of crap.

This is the most ignorant thing I've ever read on gamefaqs, congratulations thunder.
"Frequently hated, either that or misunderstood."

User Info: itsmeaustin

5 years ago#42
How does it feel america to be at the mercy of muslims and their god, anything they say is final and you guys take it up the ass all the time

User Info: Soul_On_Display

5 years ago#43
This is so stupid. WHY NOT JUST REMOVE THE POSTER? -Or whatever it is that was "insulting." I really liked Favela, plus I am Brazilian so it made it a slight bit more awesome to play on one of my country's CoD maps. Sure, it was a little degrading (because Brazil is not a s*** hole as portrayed in the map) but it still didn't bother me.

But no, a damn image over a toilet is too much for people. Wow. Just, wow.
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User Info: RoxasANobody

5 years ago#44
Faust_8 posted...
I'm as non-theist as they come (call me atheist, agnostic atheist, whatever. I'm trying to not to define myself with what I'm not in the same way I don't define myself as an a-racist either) and this made me cringe.

Your post has all the hallmarks of a teenage angstheist. Nobody likes those. Not the theists, for obvious reasons, and not the atheists who get misunderstood because of posts of like these.

Ranting "fairy tale" this and "stupid" that gets you nowhere. Because even if you're right you're still acting like an ass. Nobody ever changes their mind on an important philosophical discussion because somebody screamed insults.

Not to mention that some of your condescension for religion apparently stems from simply not wanting to follow the rules. So all in all, your post makes it appear that you really don't know the actual failings of religion, you're just hand-waving it away with petty insults just because you want to live without rules.

I'm not a theist, I don't believe in god(s) or any religion, and I still think you should probably shut up. You're literally making the rest of us look like insufferable, ignorant d-bags.


You didn't "blow my mind" -- well that's false -- you DID blow my mind, but it was because I was taken aback by how tactless you were about your delivery. Sure, religion makes people do silly things like hate on homosexuals, become terrorists, hate another individual for not liking the same religion, etc. But to insinuate that people aren't free thinkers because they rely on religion as a stepping stone is absurd.

Personally, I've known plenty of people who have used religion as a basis to become enlightened. On the other hand, I definitely know a handful of people who are dead set on their beliefs. I have a coworker who constantly asks me if I think Jesus accepts me and/or if I have "the right" to get into Heaven. And, I honestly don't know. What do I tell these people? I don't tell them, "OH STOP BELIEVING YOUR FAIRY TALE." because that's obnoxious and rude.

I'll completely contradict myself here, but I do believe that you need to pick and choose what you believe in and you also have to sort out what isn't true for you as well. If the topic of "religion" pops up, I'm usually open minded and I'll bring out the popcorn once the hardcore Christians start to uphold their views. What's so great about being open minded like this? I truly don't give a damn because my beliefs are constantly morphing.

Once you tear down the foundations of your argument; you essentially see that you're saying, "People who believe in "x" religion are stupid and close-minded. Instead of embracing the logical consistencies of "x" religion, I'll ignore them and rectify my statements by perpetuating an ad hominem argument." Basically, you've effectively created an argument based on fallacies.

I'm quoting Faust because I whole-heartily agree. Most arguments are lost the minute you start spouting insults. I've seen it happen here many times. To relate it to a topic that most of us are familiar with, I've been marked as a 'troll" here by a certain user because I constantly defend Battlefield 3. Once the argument starts to solidify and the debate truly starts to begin, said user will admit defeat by flinging silly insults such as "EA employee" and "Battlefail 3" at my arguments. The effects of said insults can be seen in the topics we've "debated" in. Many users who are able to see my point of view [whether they agree or not] will draw attention to the silly insults and call out the user.

tl;dr - You can win people over by speaking without insults. Give it a try.
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User Info: Aether_Lyric

5 years ago#45
Religion deserves to be insulted, all it does is control people's lives and create war.

User Info: Faust_8

5 years ago#46
I bet you can't even name a war in the past few centuries that started purely because of religion.

I'm by all rights an atheist, can you stop making me feel like I have to defend religion? It's not something I should be doing.
halo07guy: Did you really just say that the sun orbits the Earth?
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User Info: Aether_Lyric

5 years ago#47
Are you kidding me? Religion has fuelled many wars, isn't this common knowledge?

And the way you're defending religion doesn't make you seem atheist at all, just sayin

User Info: SullyTheStrange

5 years ago#48
Religion doesn't cause wars. Human stupidity does.
All's fair in love and war, kid.

User Info: -Jammo-

5 years ago#49
SullyTheStrange posted...
Religion doesn't cause wars. Human stupidity does.

The desire for power and control causes most conflict in the world. Name any war over religion / race / territory / ideology, at it's route was over power and control.
People want to be dominant. They want everyone on their side because it breeds strength.

Short answer. People fights because they are asses and will look for a reason to kill each other with or without religion. It's a dark aspect of human nature.

I respect the atheists here (though I'm a Universalist Chistian Anarchist ala Leo Tolstoy but I can't stand angstheists who need too piss and moan at the very mention of religious beliefs and make extremely broad strokes about the dangers of the destructive minorities.

That's all.
"The truth is never a laughing matter." bigdsd08
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User Info: torey_caylor

5 years ago#50
As suspected, this thread has degenerated into usual religion and politics debate.

But seriously, why the hell didn't they simply remove that frame? They're probably too busy making another garbage MW game, so they just removed the whole map instead of finding that picture in the code or whatever.

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