If you disconnect from a match, you should be forced to...

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User Info: WM_PMC

5 years ago#31
Silver17 posted...

I can't. My two options are to use the internet provided to me by my apartment complex (which is almost literally unplayable as it is worse than dial up) or to use my cell phone as a wireless hot spot for my internet. Seeing as how that is completely reliant on my signal strength, I get a lot of inconsistency. My cell phone is my only viable option since I can only get real internet through my apartment and they only have one option which is s***.

And to the person saying I'm making it all about me, there are tons of people who have bad internet like me. This would be a horrible for MANY people.

Your apartment must be under some BS contract since I find it hard to believe (not calling you a liar by any means) that your apartment isn't allowing you to upgrade your internet since "it's a benefit" to the landlord.

Out of all the apartments that I have visited and done tours with (which has been many!) they all have been excited by the idea that I would eat the installation costs because it's an added bonus for the next guy... (heck a couple were pushing it on me with brochures before I could say anything)

I agree it's BS. Especially since they told me the place was pre-wired for Verizon and Comcast when I was looking here. I move in only to find that there's only one internet option and it's worse than dialup. Now I'm locked into the lease for a year. The only consolation is that they're eventually going to be upgrading to fiber optic lines, but no one knows when the heck that's actually going to happen. It could be a month from now or it could be a year from now.

They also only offer one option for TV, which is Dish Network. It's somehow not even the real Dish Network because the packages that my apartment complex offers isn't the same as what Dish lists on their website. The apartments are really nice, but the internet and TV are ridiculously sketchy. I don't plan on living here any longer than I have to. It's nuts.
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User Info: cifer520

5 years ago#32
earthmaster3 posted...
What you would do in case of a zombie outbreak

I could write 1,000 pages on that.

User Info: pmarti9

5 years ago#33
FeelMyBlade posted...
A 10min ban for dashboarders. And if they try to rejoin, a message displays:

Error: nobody gives a crap about your k/d.

yes.. just yes:)
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User Info: unceramonius

5 years ago#34
Oh really a penalty for dashboarders mmm?

How about, lag compensation can p!ss off, so the host is not at a major disadvantage? Now, if i am the host AGAIN....and all i see is a slide show of my deaths...guess what? Im going to dash board, and you can blame IW/Treyarch for it. I will then rejoin your game, and all of a sudden have a pavelow as GASP.....im not the host anymore.

Unless this network code is on mw2 level, you will get hosts quitting every other match, and after the crap i get from black ops and mw3 being host ALL THE TIME...i dont blame them one little bit.

And before the usual...ooooh your crap noob ,lolololol...my ratio across all cods from cod 4 onwards is over 2.5:) I can run around in cod 4, WAW and MW2...but have to play like a absolutely sissy in black ops and mw3 to just stand a chance
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