Where do Call of Duty players Work ?

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User Info: Keegn

4 years ago#41
I work at Wal-Mart like 2 days a week. I don't enjoy it, but I'm 17 and need to put gas in my car.

User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#42
"I will teach you the way true kings fight"

User Info: romanojc

4 years ago#43
junior associate attorney at law firm with appx 150 attorneys.

User Info: basketballin

4 years ago#44
Police Officer

User Info: cifer520

4 years ago#45
Don't trust the po-leece
No justice, no peace
They got me
Face down
In the middle of the street

User Info: Greyfox995

4 years ago#46
caffiend7 posted...

User Info: Bob_Esrock

4 years ago#47
Lead designer at Treyarch.
Lurking since 1999
Am I the only one who tends to read topics as one large self-argumentative post?

User Info: WhiteAngel50

4 years ago#48
I'm a direct server provider for a comany called Matsu services for children and adults. Make 11.50 an hour. Which I think is good for a college student
Xbox 360 GT: WhiteAngel50
Trying to get at least 5000 karma. It will be done!!!

User Info: Erupt50

4 years ago#49
HVACR tech
PSN- Erupt50 XBL- Erupt50

User Info: morgul12

4 years ago#50
rwanka posted...
morgul12 posted...
In an office... doing something sorta resembling programming... in SAP HELL.

I use SAP too.

I can't believe you like money too. We should hang out.
-- Frito from Idiocracy
You know, when Jesus died, it took him 3 days to respawn; that's what I call lag.
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