cod vets report in here :)

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User Info: howdyneighbor25

5 years ago#1
wut was ur first cod - Results (170 votes)
ww2 one
41.18% (70 votes)
mw 1
39.41% (67 votes)
mw 2
14.12% (24 votes)
mw 3
1.18% (2 votes)
black ops 1
4.12% (7 votes)
black ops 2
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
wut was ur first cod. been playing since black ops 1 :)
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User Info: Aristoph

5 years ago#2
MW1 was the first I purchased myself, so I voted for that. But I played quite a bit of CoD3 at my friend's place.

Also...why the hell would you not put them in chronological order by release? And where's WaW? O_o
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User Info: awsomeedgar77

5 years ago#3
Lol ww2 one
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User Info: Moegitto

5 years ago#4
There are no options for vets here...

User Info: -Jammo-

5 years ago#5
MW2. Enjoyed Blops and MW3 much more than that one. Though MW2 did have an amazing soundtrack.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#6

But I have enjoyed all of them.
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User Info: xBrokenxHalox

5 years ago#7
Moegitto posted...
There are no options for vets here...

User Info: MaximusMurkimus

5 years ago#8
COD1/"Classic", back in 2003

GOML newbs
His Royal Freshness, The Pimp of Babylon, MaximusMurkimus

User Info: Hero_ofTime2010

5 years ago#9
Call of Duty 3.
GT: Invisiblekid17

User Info: nath999

5 years ago#10
When you say "WW2 One" are you implying any of CoD 2, CoD 3 or W@W?

Cause CoD 2 was the first one I actively played MP on.
PSN / GT: Deathstroke XII
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