I'm a little curious

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User Info: ragefan187

4 years ago#1
Why do some people make topics on which game they should buy? for example halo 4 or blops 2 and asking for help on here? Is it lack of funds and only can afford one game or what ?

User Info: chickenlard

4 years ago#2
You're bi curious? That's so sad TC.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

4 years ago#3
Halo 4 wai better dan cawooduties werd
"Only the badasses should use the elevator" account of a survivor during a zombie apocalypse

User Info: supertomato_13

4 years ago#4
chickenlard posted...
You're bi curious? That's so sad TC.

GT: Bobby Corwen PSN: SUPER-TOMATO_13

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