can my 15 year old niece play this ?

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  3. can my 15 year old niece play this ?

User Info: shiva9999

5 years ago#31
nazacuckoo posted...
ZeldaRules87 posted...
Bad idea. She is most likely too immature. If you really want her talking to a COD community then something is wrong with you.

15 year olds aren't as stupid as you think.
maybe you where too immature and stupid when you where 15,
but hey, I can't tell.

I know lol
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User Info: ajko000

5 years ago#32
Sure, but don't be surprised if she starts crying. The neckbeard community is quite harsh.
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User Info: ChemicalReaper

5 years ago#33
ZeldaRules87 posted...
Bad idea. She is most likely too immature.

15 year old girl? Nah, the problem is she's probably too mature for the CoD community. It's comprised mostly of people with the mental age of a 12 year old, and actual 12 year olds.

User Info: DarthBadger

5 years ago#34
As said before, the worst part of the game will be other players. If you're considering this game then she is obviously mature enough to handle the violent themes. Any child who is actually influenced by violent media is either mentally/emotionally unstable or has parents that already don't give a **** about them so they will be trouble later in life anyways.

Not trying to fire up the violence in media debate but I've actually written research papers about it while in college for my Criminology degree. The ignorance gets to me every time.

Anyways, there will be always be those really obnoxious children playing and freaks that creep on her, but, as said before, a mic isn't necessary and mute options are a blessing.

Summary - Yes. She is already 95% of the person she is going to grow into. She can handle people on the internet. If this game affects her identity, everything else in life will anyways. If she can handle high school, she can handle this game.
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User Info: YEPEE00

5 years ago#35
hahaha! with HER friends was the Thing-a-roo there missy.
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User Info: CTBradums

5 years ago#36
shiva9999 posted...
Is her first time playing COD.... She usually plays wii games but it caught her attention with the commercial been presented alot on all her favorite channels.... So i got her a 360 + mic from gamestop .... Wondering if ia a bad idea since i already play my first COD when blackops 1 was out..... What u guys think ?

Not to be "that" guy, but...

15 year old girl. MA-Rated game. Common logic dictates that the answer should be "no".

User Info: MHGALE

5 years ago#37
Wish you where my Aunt/Uncle. Buying me a 360 on a whim.
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User Info: POWERSLAVE_815

5 years ago#38
Honestly yes she can just don't use a mic and block communications. She can play however she wants just have fun.

User Info: deimos91

5 years ago#39
no its rated M 17+
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User Info: SAMCROftw

5 years ago#40
I am responding to this topic while I am taking a dump
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