Thermal will be the first thing to get nerfed

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User Info: Cherryrain87

5 years ago#61
So um about that thermal any thoughts?
Pain, Suffering, and Blow fish Sushi

User Info: Ayrshore

5 years ago#62
White_Knight_01 posted...
Faust_8 posted...
The way I see it is, if a time traveler suddenly appeared and asked what day it was, most people would say "November fifth." Not "the fifth of November."

Hence the American system. It's what people say, not smaller to larger or vice versa.

They all work, we're all just accustomed to our system. Get over it. Debating which is better is useless patriotic frippery.

On topic: yeah, the brief glimpses of the Thermal I see did make me think "great, here comes Thermal snipers hardscoping all day until the big bright thing appears just like MW2."

However if Cold-Blooded actually does really counter it (instead of making little difference like in MW2) that will certainly help. You should be nearly invisible to a Thermal with Cold-Blooded to balance out how easily it sees everyone else.

only Americans say July 4th, hence you're silly date format.

Those who use a logical format like DD/MM/YY say 4th of July.

Born on the 4th of July... I'm sure Bruce Springsteen is American.

User Info: Ayrshore

5 years ago#63
Glockass1 posted...
Buddy_Dacote posted...
Ether_Sword posted...
ITT: Jealous third world countries.

At least we got jobs. And money. Free healthcare and free education.

Lol. I live in Greece lmfao.

Just tick the box that says "none of the above" then!

User Info: Glockass1

5 years ago#64
This is my greatest derailing success so far :D
Steam ID: Glockass1
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  3. Thermal will be the first thing to get nerfed

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