Do you have a midnight release plan of action?

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  3. Do you have a midnight release plan of action?

User Info: darkshadowmaster

5 years ago#11
I'll be asleep and pick it up from my mailbox after I get home from work on Tues
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User Info: dave34

5 years ago#12
Yeah, I show up to Gamestop a few minutes after 12. If the line is long I'll wait in my car, if it's short I'll go stand in line and hopefully not be there longer than 10 minutes.
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User Info: torey_caylor

5 years ago#13
Not really. Preordered the game and the store is delivering it to me on the release date. I'll get a good night sleep and play on the release day.

User Info: nath999

5 years ago#14
zxrax_alt_1 posted...
I kind of do... I'll probably leave for gamestop at like 11:15 and stop for some energy drinks and snacks at a gas station on the way then head home, crank up the stream and get going. Are any of you already prepared? Post pictures of your game fuel here.

You're live streaming and you're not getting it early? Come on man there must be a mom and pop shop where you live.
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User Info: LuneyToonz

5 years ago#15
Exchange Chicken Nuggets for spot in front of the line around 10 when they finalize receipts, get home by 12:15, play a few games, pass out, get up at 5am and work til 6 pm, come home, and tear up the MP with my friends. <--- hehehe. <-- Check it! All free, all fun.

User Info: SpoonSports

5 years ago#16
Blacks ops 2 multiplayer streaming event; goal is to reach the highest level of prestige in Black ops 2. Running some ideas with the team to also do a zombies stream (probably 12 hours maybe more if we can figure a strategy for the higher levels.)
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User Info: darkstar1080

5 years ago#17
Show up at GameStop around 11:45
**** **** up.
Go home.
Realize I forgot my copy of the game.
Go back.
Receive my copy of the game.
Realize they gave me a copy for the wrong console.
Angrily go back.
Get the right copy.
Go home.
Play until the next day.
Growl at the sunlight as it enters my room.
Drink my 83rd monster.
Continue playing.
Realize I was still playing mw3.
Laugh at my mistake and put black ops 2 in. Play for about an hour or so and then go about my normal day.
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User Info: demo_vol1

5 years ago#18
I'll meet up with my friends at best buy around 8:30 to play the game early till midnight and maybe win some goodies. I'm not sure how good people are in my town so I might not win :b.
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User Info: CatholicPriest7

5 years ago#19
Go at 1130 and hope there are no neckbeards at this midnight release since it's not an anime game.
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User Info: Athleticsfan3

5 years ago#20
My plan of action will be a sequence of events that will occur over the next month or so.

Sleep, not buy the game, read on here the first couple of days of how good this game is, then read everyone bi*** about how bad the game is, wait for everyone to start asking when the next fail installment of cod is out.
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