Do you have a midnight release plan of action?

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User Info: LuneyToonz

5 years ago#21
CatholicPriest7 posted...
Go at 1130 and hope there are no neckbeards at this midnight release since it's not an anime game.

True story, last year for MW3 I had this neckbeard behind me claiming he was in the army until just recently. This guy must have been 5'5" and weighed 350 pounds. If he was the army, his fat ass had to be the mess hall cook. <--- hehehe. <-- Check it! All free, all fun.

User Info: PostalDudesHere

5 years ago#22
go over to gamestop at about 9 to pre-ring, come home, watch castle at 10, go back to gamestop at 11, pick up game at 12, go home, enjoy.
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User Info: gunho7

5 years ago#23
Get picked up by friend at 10:15
Go to Tim Hortins and get hot chocolate at 10:30
Get in line and chirp nerds in line at 10:45
Get home and approx 12:30 and play the game for like an hour.
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User Info: Kwizxx

5 years ago#24
I'll show up at the local best buy at around 10:30 or 11, play a few games, and then go to gamestop (Where I preordered) and pick it up there because there are far less people at best buy.

I went to the midnight release at gamestop for Mw3 last year at around 9pm. Half the people there smelled like they haven't showered in weeks and the group of 12 year olds who came with their dad are just screaming around the TV where people are playing the game, since the gamestop guy wont let them play because they're too young.

User Info: pballer86

5 years ago#25
I was supposed to work tonight and was gonna go after i got out at 10:30 but i woke up with a bad eye infection (corneal ulcer). Cant go to work and am sensitive to light. Luckily my wife will be going to the midnight release for me. Ill try to play tonight if its feeling better..

<edit> thought this was the halo 4 boards..ill be fine for black ops release which im using the last of my vacation time for :)
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User Info: EmveeZ

5 years ago#26
watch the monday night football game (bears are playing <3)

not buy the game


continue to not buy the game

wait nvm the bears play the niners on the 19th

ew its the chiefs vs steelers....god damn what an awful game
Don't even bother.

User Info: hanguknamja

5 years ago#27
ordered mine from amazon so no midnight for me :q

I'll go to school from 10am to 4. Get home and play it for the rest of the day.
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User Info: Thunder_man6

5 years ago#28
I'll stand in line at GameStop, play for an hour or two and then go to sleep as I have class in the morning. I'm not to worried though as there's really no rush.
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User Info: h3IIfir3pho3nix

5 years ago#29
Go in line and hang out, then grab the game and come home with 2-3 energy drinks and a rather large bag of chips. Play for as long as humanly possible, then go to sleep. We don't have courses that day, so I can play until I collapse :D
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User Info: Baseballtitan

5 years ago#30
Go to school, pick up game during break between classes, play when I get home around 4 pm.
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