1 more week left. What are ya playing to past the time?

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  3. 1 more week left. What are ya playing to past the time?

User Info: d3dsight

5 years ago#11
Dark Souls

User Info: darkshadowmaster

5 years ago#12
Okami HD
H4 ( after getting it today)
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.

User Info: cwatz12

5 years ago#13
Haven't started watching this seasons shows yet. Figure ill catch up on the first 6 episodes of each or so (or however far they are in).

On the weekend I will run through black ops campaign again, and do a bit of MP to get my aim back.

User Info: Zephyriuum

5 years ago#14
Mainly ACIII and Dragon Age Origins
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User Info: DyingPancake

5 years ago#15
I just started Dragon Age Ultimate Edition last week

I think I really underestimated how long this game is
Under a cold October sky, I wait
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User Info: Thunderbolt210

5 years ago#16
Borderlands 2, AC3, and dishonored
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User Info: possession

5 years ago#17
I'm doing a lot of flopping about...

Doom 3
Alice Madness Returns
Borderlands 2
Black Ops
Duke Nukem Forever (never finished it, I know, right?)
Zone of the Enders HD
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User Info: LeQuack147

5 years ago#18
The new XCOM.
...as much as I hate the ACR in MW3, I wish I could give it to my newbies. "COME ON! HE'S RIGHT THERE! WHY DO YOU ONLY HAVE A 50% CHANCE TO HIT?!"
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User Info: SparkItUp

5 years ago#19
XCOM: Enemy Unknown....I have ACIII & DOA 5, & BF3 but none really interest me...XCOM will most likely be what i primarily play even when BOII comes out.
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User Info: killswitch3730

5 years ago#20
Resident Evil 6, Darksiders 2
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