lol saiga 12

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User Info: supertomato_13

5 years ago#51
They need moar range & moar powah.
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User Info: Q27

5 years ago#52
Majik25 posted...
Q27 posted...
Yeah, that is not how you use a shotgun.
Those were bots by the way.
Whoever made this video was trying to make it look bad, hipfiring from such long distances like an idiot.

You dont know how a shotgun works in real life, do you?

Why are you bringing up reality in a video game message board? When I said "Yeah, that is not how you use a shotgun." I was, quite obviously, referring to Call Of Duty, not hunting for quail.

Alexanaxela posted...
who said expecting a 1hk? 4, 5, 6 shots to kill though? Yes that's ridiculous. Again i take you back to the final killcam. The guy is at about the same distance away and he gets 6 hitmarkers on the guy before the 7th one kills him. When there are going to be a smg firing at 1200 rpm that has the option for rapid fire killing in 4 shots, and a ~900 rpm 3hk smg, what's the point?

Again, the hiprifing combined with pellet spread, and the fact that he wasn't directly on target for most shots, will equal many hitmarkers. If they actually aimed down sights, I could easily see this here gun getting a kill in 2-3 shots at that range.
I wanna make a video in Blops like this with the SPAS-12 just to prove my point.
I just might!! >;9
It's just that I can easily see this gun doing just fine when used more efficiently.

User Info: Alexanaxela

5 years ago#53
From: MegaTape13 | Posted: 11/7/2012 8:22:05 PM | #049
I don't know what else to tell. The BO SPAS simply didn't have the range and/or power you seem to be remembering. I'm pretty sure it couldn't even touch the guy in that the final killcam.

I fully expect the this gun to deal 25-15 damage x8, or something very similar. It really looks to me like a SPAS clone with just slightly more minimum damage, although it's a bit hard to tell with the Long Barrel.

the spas has a range of 600 units, that took 2 shots

the guy in the saiga final killcam can't seriously be more than 500 units away, and it took SEVEN shots. I'm not saying the black ops spas doesn't also take 5, or even 6 shots to kill but those are rare occasions. The saiga seems to consistently take ~5 shots to kill people that should be well within it's range with long barrel
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User Info: cwatz12

5 years ago#54
Not sure if its been mentioned but shotguns have a much tighter spread in this game when you ads.

In the video he wasn't adsing at all which is making it look worse than it probably is (though it still doesn't look good at all).

I think its gonna be a big gameplay change to shotguns where you cant just hip spray anymore.

User Info: Kwizxx

5 years ago#55
It looks like a single HS10 but with 14 rounds instead of 4. If you know how to shotgun, then this gun is perfectly doable.

User Info: lolcharizard

5 years ago#56
supertomato_13 posted...
They need moar range & moar powah.

And then people will whine about how OP it is, and then it gets nerfed.
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User Info: supertomato_13

5 years ago#57
And these people haven't got a clue what they are talking about. If Treyarch knew anything about balance they would ignore the whiners & jack up the shotguns.

From the looks of things the maps are larger this time around which makes these peashooters even more pathetic.

Save for the KSG... That thing looks fine as hell.
GT: Bobby Corwen PSN: SUPER-TOMATO_13

User Info: Eternal_Warlord

5 years ago#58
Honestly I wouldn't expect much more out of a shotgun like that one.

High rate of fire
Lots of ammo
Low damage

Sounds about right to me. It's a shotgun that can easily be spammed up close in a crowded area to pick up a few kills. But to run around with it all pumped up and rogue will yield some less appealing results. Probably best used in a game mode like Domination on a smaller map for objective control.

This video is a great example of how NOT to use a Saiga 12 in Black Ops 2, though.
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User Info: deoxxys

5 years ago#59
Q27 posted...
Yeah, that is not how you use a shotgun.
Those were bots by the way.
Whoever made this video was trying to make it look bad, hipfiring from such long distances like an idiot.
Any Goat on a cliff would tell you that..

User Info: Faust_8

5 years ago#60
I have like 6000 kills with the Black Ops SPAS and that honestly looks like you'd get the same exact performance from the SPAS if you spam it inaccurately at that distance like a moron.

When he aimed right and was actually at shotgun range it killed in 2 shots maximum, something perfectly fine for a semi-auto with high fire rate and 14 shell capacity.

But still, time will tell. It is clear though that this video doesn't properly show its performance at all, so nobody should be taking cues from it.
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