'QuickScoping' needs to be 'nerfed' fast.

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  3. 'QuickScoping' needs to be 'nerfed' fast.

User Info: Silver17

5 years ago#51
Gevous posted...
1:00 there is a night map, yes!

That should be the "Plaza" map...

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User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#52
As everyone's been saying, I don't see anything to worry about in that vid. Yeah, Treyarch has called quickscoping an exploit and makes it somewhat less accessible in the game because of that, but a lot of players like doing it so they leave it in. Good quickscopers are rare. If they can beat you doing that, they can beat you even worse with any other gun in the game, so just leave it be.

Coming from a guy who used to have an issue with quickscoping. I can't pull it off, godspeed to anyone who can and wants to. Have fun.
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User Info: Knives13

5 years ago#53
Akiba69 posted...
Nope. Stop with the nerfing crap.
"abloo bloo bloo a setup other than mine killed me or seems more effective! ;_; abloo bloo i want all guns to feel the same waaaah!"

User Info: joncoallstar

5 years ago#54
Nerfed? Hell no.... it shouldn't even exist in the first place!

Get rid of that garbage!

This is a sham and an embarrassment to the franchise and has basically ruined sniping and everything it means to be a sniper. We have snipers rushing around a map sniping people at point blank while doing a 360 jump.

Really Treyarch and IW? REALLY!?!?!?

Snipers should be in the shadows and should be easily OWNED if they are out in the open, not considered a threat at point blank range.
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  3. 'QuickScoping' needs to be 'nerfed' fast.

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