Why does no one like claymores as much as me?

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  3. Why does no one like claymores as much as me?

User Info: SullyTheStrange

5 years ago#11
Why waste a slot so the game can get kills for me? C4's always been cooler anyway.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

5 years ago#12
jumbocat posted...
I hate then with a passion.

Which why I always had Flak/Hacker/Jammer on my BO classes.
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User Info: Q27

5 years ago#13
They're a buzzkill. I'd rather die by your hands than by the hands of one of them junkos.
I like avoiding them though; it pleases me when I knife them or activate them & get to cover.

User Info: cwatz12

5 years ago#14
I love claymores.

Even though its 100% not true, whenever I kill someone with one I think to myself "HAHA IDIOT, GET OUTPLAYED". There is just something about setting a trap and watching it spring.

User Info: BloodShadowX

5 years ago#15
Hmmm if they're claymore are like BO then....Why not...if they're like MW3 then...no
If it's not broken improve it!

User Info: RedSpade2712

5 years ago#16
there are many people that use hacker/sitrep perk these days, and even without that perk, veteran player still able to avoid it
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5 years ago#17
Claymores=Cheap...Most of the time you can`t even see it and then you`re dead...
+ Motion sensors are WAY better than claymores. Simple Math:
Claymore=1 kill + 1 side defense
Motion sensor=Kills for as long as you survive + 1 AREA defense
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User Info: patgd04

5 years ago#18
they was kinda useless in mw3 >_> good in blops though
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

5 years ago#19
They weren't bad outside of MW3. In MW3 all the explosives just made me laugh as I run by and gun down it's owner as they camp right by it and forget that Stalker delays the explosion.
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  3. Why does no one like claymores as much as me?

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