why is COD4 considered the best in series?

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  3. why is COD4 considered the best in series?

User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#121
-Best Maps. Sure, Bog was one-sided because of the Spawn Traps. But name one CoD that you couldn't do this on.
-Best Gun Variety. The M16 was by far the most powerful gun, but it wasn't used by 90% of the community because all the other guns were fun to use. G3, M14, the RPD was actually a beast, the Desert Eagle was awesome, the Skorpion was actually deadly.
-Fragx3 was a little excessive, especially on Wetwork, but it wasn't a gamebreaker like Danger Close.
-Martydom was the easiest thing to deal with. Don't run in groups with your team mates and sprint over dead bodies. If you kill someone with it, you have more than enough time to throw it away.
-The Shotguns were actually fun to use.
-The Killstreaks weren't a problem. An RPG would easily take out a Helicopter. Miniguns placed ALL over the map would take them out quickly as well.
- Juggernaut and SP balanced each other out. It's like neither of you had any of the perks. It took you one more bullet.
- Camos actually meant something. You actually felt like you accomplished something getting all of those headshots.
- Classic Modes and 1v1
- Aside from Black Ops, it had the funnest Campaign
- The Hit Detection was actually solid. Never had a problem with crazy lunge knife kills.
- Claymores were never a problem. They were always in the most obvious locations, and easy to avoid.
- Night Vision
- You could still people that managed to "glitch" out of the map in certain area's, and some of them required more than one person in area's easy to spot.
- Numerous places you could get into out of the way locations of the map (Not glitches)
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User Info: blacklabelice

5 years ago#122
i remember finest hour on ps2. there was only 3 or 4 classes to pick from. the maps were rather ridiculous, and the other players were far too predictable with where they were going and what they were going to do but it was still rather fun to play when i needed a break from counterstrike or socom. it had a funky way of lagging out though i do remember. people floating around carrying a gigantic flag. it looked rather silly

would that be considered an old school COD? i would think so but now the franchise has turned out is leaps and bounds ahead of this. no matter how much MW3 may have sucked. i wasnt really pleased with what they did to cod 3 but modern warfare sure changed it around and reshaped their entire game model into something that blown up and felt completely fresh and innovative as a FPS.

now they dont have to keep having to reinvent and restructure their game upon every release. all they ever have to do is just make a few new maps, rename the perks, switch up the killstreaks a little, reskin some weapons and reap the rewards. keep the original concept and interface mainly the same because thats what keeps the money pouring in. thats basically all they have to do from this point on with the franchise and its still going to cash in every year. its still fun nonetheless

User Info: _Walcott_

5 years ago#123
I miss cod4.
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  3. why is COD4 considered the best in series?

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