Dual play

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User Info: Andrew_Ryann

4 years ago#1
WTF...I just clicked on this option and it says "While wearing special glasses, Dual Play allowes you to enjoy split screen multiplayer games in full screen for each player, In other words, players 1 and 2 can now both enjoy their own viewpoint on a full screen, without seeing each other's screen while playing on the same TV. "

Apart from blowing my mind, does this mean that split screeners will become the new skill feint? "Oh those guys are split screeners, easy kills", then they both proceed to destroy you.

User Info: JTC87

4 years ago#2
How does this even work?

User Info: MahoganyTooth92

4 years ago#3
While I don't quite believe this, I would imagine it works like 3D.
Special glasses shutter at the same time the TV rapidly switches between images.
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User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#4
Works similar to 3DTV. It projects two pictures on the screen and each of the glasses you wear separate them
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User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#5
Hmm, you talking about those special tv's that Sony developed some time ago?

Remember hearing something about that a while back, but as far as I know you had to buy a certain TV.
My first immediate thought was that the 2nd player could get away with screen-picking. *lifts 3D glasses up/tilts head down for a second*
Common sense seems to be more uncommon.
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User Info: demo_vol1

4 years ago#6
Dual Play has been in cod since Black ops. I brought over my playstation to my sisters house to try out the my 3d games like Killzone and Resistance and it turns out you could play dual play with zombies. Its pretty cool.
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User Info: lapot1

4 years ago#7
Yeah I'm not sure this works on 360 but it's been around for PS3 for a bit. That's kinda cool but I don;t think it can be good for your eyes... I don't know though I;ve never witnessed it in person.

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