Dropshotting nerfed? (video)

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User Info: fatclemenza

5 years ago#31
From: Zachistan | #030
Jumpshotting will be where it's at.

Strafejump into a dropshot = mad corner campers (who will always be on UAV now) :3
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User Info: Zachistan

5 years ago#32
I guess it's fair though, sort of. They made the knife useless so default doesn't have much of an advantage, so they had to get rid of the advantage to using Tactical as well.
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User Info: XxOblivion77

5 years ago#33
I don't mind this change all that much. I guess it would help for close range a bit... not really but it's not that bad.
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User Info: RE4_Stranger

5 years ago#34
ckleckner posted...
peopel shouldnt be drop shoting its annoying and i assume those who do it have modded controllers as its easier with one.

Why do you say you need a modded controller to do it? I tried it once or twice and do not use a modded controller and never would as it defeats the purpose of competition and makes a win meaningless if you cheat, but it was easily doable without a modded controller.

I will admit it is a little easier with my Razer Onza TE but even still I just can't be bothered to use it. And dealing with it is the simple matter of looking down. Why do some many people complain. You just look down as they do it...
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User Info: drill bees

drill bees
5 years ago#35
ckleckner posted...
peopel shouldnt be drop shoting its annoying and i assume those who do it have modded controllers as its easier with one.

People shouldn't try to kill me when I play, it's annoying.
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User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#36
Dropshotting = One step up from Last Stand
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User Info: blacklabelice

5 years ago#37
DOSF posted...
Not a whine, but I laugh at replies like Sully's who label people who dropshot as scrubs. All it is is a motion of pressing two different actions almost at once. It isn't cheating.

With said logic, let me guess that when you're on high ground with someone with their back to you, you don't jump and shoot straight away, you wait till you land, right?

So yeah, lol at the slight insult towards people who may or may have not killed you. Go be bad some more.

its not cheating. its being a scrub. and quite honestly it looks rather stupid seeing people dolphin diving all up and down the map every time they sees an enemy.

whatever though. if people are going to do it just to be flashy or annoying then let them. it just makes for easier headshots. it does have its benefits when the outcome of living or dieing can be determined in a fraction of a second and you need to find cover or reload.

but relying on it just to get kills is rather silly. its just one more extra button to use as a crutch.

User Info: Masterpie3000

5 years ago#38
the real question is, if you go prone than start shooting are your shots so spread out, I do enjoy proning and taking out enemies
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User Info: destructoclaus

5 years ago#39
Meh, this isn't going to affect me one iota for what I use dropshotting for. I'll continue to use it with perfect efficiency for my purposes.
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User Info: Gunther482

5 years ago#40
They aren't even that hard to counter. If I run into a lobby full of drop shotters I automatically start aiming at their feet or switch to a RF SMG class and hip fire spray them down.
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