Halo 4 or BO2? Only want to get one but having a hard time on which.

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  3. Halo 4 or BO2? Only want to get one but having a hard time on which.

User Info: Gevous

4 years ago#11
Halo for custom games and campaign, BO for zombies and multiplayer.
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User Info: possession

4 years ago#12
SearchmanV16 posted...
Halo 4 is a better game. You get the same COD formula each year.


Granted, it's been a while since a traditional halo has been released, I would still love to see the "different formula" of this halo. Then again, like you said, cod boils down to about the same thing each year.

Point, more or less, being that neither one tries to deviate much. Look at what happened to reach.
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User Info: shiny_plusle

4 years ago#13
Halo 4 is overrated. Get Black Ops 2.

User Info: ThePock

4 years ago#14
Both series are the same thing every time new one comes. Always funny to see when both communities try to actually argue with this.

Both series are awesome but I'm more into Halo. I'm playing both games for the multiplayer and the changes are so minimal that I won't even pay attention to them anymore. Even though Halo got more CoD elements (though those elements were before CoD but you get my point), it still feels Halo but without weapon spawn camping. Nothing huge to take notice of.

Call of Duty on the other hand stays the same as it should. No point fixing what ain't broken except weapon balances.

shiny_plusle posted...
Halo 4 is overrated. Get Black Ops 2.

So is CoD.
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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#15
I'd say Halo 4. Just for the fact it's pretty much COD now, with more health, and vehicles.
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User Info: Drag_ZERO

4 years ago#16
It depends. Halo 4 is a drastic change to the Halo formula (despite what the trolls may say), and came out phenomenal. I absolutely love it, loads of fun.

BO2 on the other hand is more of the same CoD formula. Yes it has changed slightly, but its really the same game (not a bad thing necessarily). It seems like a more balanced version of MW3 (small maps, faster TTK compared to BO1), so if that sounds like your thing go with that. Otherwise, I'd go Halo personally.

User Info: _Flextacy_

4 years ago#17
Seminolehitman posted...
If you like little kids that cry when you pick up a weapon they want and try to betray you get Halo 4.

wow ... just wow .... you sound like you've never played it..

the fact halo 4 has friendly fire on by default is brilliant.. its the cod players who arent aware of that then strafe into someone on their teams line of fire n get killed that scream at people.. i've yet to have anyone deliberately betray anyone on any game i've played, and i've been playing pretty much nonstop since it was released..

If you can only get one of the two... well did you like halo 3, or reach? did you like the previous black ops or world at war? .. what game style do you prefer? cods is more run around till you find someone then the quickest shooter wins.. 9/10 games will be played like that <im not trolling, im speaking from playing ever cod game.. unless you make a custom full team party with voice chat, most other people won't bother, or even mute everyone.. and when playing a team mode that sorta defeats the purpose.. but when cod has a full team vs full team with full voice on both sides.. it's brilliant..

i traded in reach a few months after getting it, didnt like the multi much, and just overall was disappointed with it, however halo 4 really surprised me.. and i can safely say it'll never get traded.. i still have world at war, and black ops.. the only reason i am keeping mw3 is for the spec ops mode, which is great fun playing split screen with my mates..

From what i've heard from people who have played black ops 2 there's not much new in the game multiplayer wise, there's the new 10 point system.. but otherwise i wouldn't expect a huge change, overall the treyarch cod games are my faves, as they've always been fun ...

I'm excited to play the campaign in BO2, it looks like a great setting, and the cod campaigns are always fantastic to play through.. it's a shame so many people never even touch the campaigns...

The way COD is going though, it's gonna crash n burn eventually like the music genre games did, due to over saturation... i'd rather wait 2-3 years for a new COD, thats a complete redesign ala halo 3 to reach to halo 4, but the cod games year in and year out change very little, and they devs know it'll sell by the bucketload no matter what they do so they just don't put in as much effort as a company making a new IP would.

Personally i'd choose Halo 4, simply because it's new, different and a massive improvement and evolution over reach in every way... but i'm lucky i can afford to get both, as i'm really hyped for the 8 player zombie mode.
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User Info: Dersu_Uzala

4 years ago#18
My best answer is neither.

User Info: BeatItUpRight

4 years ago#19
Halo 4 by far,

COD are sports games now, just enough to get you to buy it, but with very little change.

Could easily buy any game in the series and enjoy it just as much.
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User Info: ThePock

4 years ago#20
CoD is better in local play than Halo. Especially zombies. But I still prefer Halo.
The east is burning red! But you're already dead.
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