Why do you hate Halo?

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User Info: jaoman9

5 years ago#31
i think halo is boring

User Info: PuffPuffPastor

5 years ago#32
I love the games, but Halo has pretty much the worst community in gaming.

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User Info: bond465

5 years ago#33
I hate halo. It's multiplayer is pretty boring especially with no gun customization and the fact that there are like 10 weapons in the game and they never change them up.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#34
I love both games.
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User Info: JohnWall32

5 years ago#35
Halo 4 is the worst MP in the series and that's saying something (Reach)

User Info: jdak10

5 years ago#36
Robots, lasers, and jet packs.
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User Info: capcat123

5 years ago#37
because microsoft refuse to port 3 and 4 to pc
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User Info: johnluke728

5 years ago#38
Don't hate it, IMO, I'm still in love the series' gameplay and settings, even if the stories don't have enough depth to them. Only really played them for the campaigns and coop; don't get me started on the many gripes of dealing with five year olds with mics in multiplayer, ugh.

User Info: monsterlord-18

5 years ago#39
different strokes for different blokes.

User Info: Dethklok510

5 years ago#40
I don't hate Halo. It's just that there has not been a good Halo game that I enjoyed since Halo 2.

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