Why do you hate Halo?

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User Info: Acr_Bushmaster

4 years ago#51
I like both.

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User Info: ALLENO31

4 years ago#52
I hate CoD, BF and halo....but they are the only games my friends play
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User Info: PooT

4 years ago#53
Go on

User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#54
I've been playing halo 4 to tide me over until black ops 2 comes out
The fact that you still can't ADS with every gun makes me mad

People say halo takes skill but it appears to be more about luck. Takes a year to down someone and 9 out of 10 times when I finally do, its due to me delivering a melee

User Info: SteveBob

4 years ago#55
I don't hate Halo, I hate 360 controllers.
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User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#56
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User Info: jdak10

4 years ago#57
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Zoey_Louis posted...
jakethenoob posted...
Lol I'm really surprised people think no ADS and "taking to long to kill someone" are bad things.

Yeah, I think that's kind of funny.

ADS is a boring mechanic that slows FPS games down, it's really annoying when games include it and I'm glad Halo doesn't.

Also having higher health = chance to fight back which in turn means someone who is more skillful will be able to easily fight back and kill anyone trying to attack them. It basically raises the skill ceiling. CoD has an incredibly low skill ceiling and floor compared to Halo.

In CoD whoever spots the other one first will win 9 times out of 10. I honestly feel like Halo requires more skill and better aim than CoD, since you really only need to land a few shots to kill someone in CoD and you don't stand a chance if someone starts shooting at you first basically.

Anybody any good/skillful hipfiring will out do a ads junky anyway so what's your point about "skill"? Im just saying it should be an option. I would agree you die to fast in COD and dont die quick enough in Halo. Somewhere in the middle would be perfect. Dont know if anybody around here tried Goldeneye Reloaded but it was pretty spot on with time it took to die.

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User Info: galv0

4 years ago#58
darkshadowmaster posted...
I Don't hate it, I'm just not a fan of how it always has you on radar.

Learn to crouch.

I like both games, they're completely different. Well, Halo4 is more comparable to the COD games, but Halo3 was great because of the even playing field.

COD is random as hell. But that's not to say that the randomness is a bad thing, I just find that it takes less skill to do well. Halo4 is almost as random and unbalanced as COD, unfortunately.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#59
I am both a Halo and Call of Duty fan too. I've been a fan Halo since 1 and I've been a fan of CoD since MW2 (although CoD4 was the first CoD game I played but I raged quit it).
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User Info: ManateeAssassin

4 years ago#60
I like Halo but I don't like this: http://imgur.com/a/3V20r
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