This whole ghost thing is out of hand, I might not get BO2

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  3. This whole ghost thing is out of hand, I might not get BO2

User Info: Akiba69

5 years ago#21
You could just play for fun until you hit 55 then carry that perk over so you always have it then play like a try hard.
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User Info: d3dsight

5 years ago#22
You don't unlock create-a-class until level 4. You unlock Ghost at level 55. This means you will have 50 levels (4-54) in which you cannot use Ghost. After that, you can spend a prestige token on Ghost, and you will literally never have to take it off.

50 levels of your entire Black Ops 2 career in which you cannot use Ghost. You aren't allowed to complain about this.

Edit: 50 levels + all prestige levels before 4 where you don't have create-a-class unlocked

User Info: SackBoi

5 years ago#23
Now I was asking if I could carry it over thanks I will carry it over now<3.
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User Info: beerhammer1

5 years ago#24
I would encourage Ghost corner campers to not get this game because of this- do everyone a favor and stick to Blops 1 where you can snuggle up in a corner all you want!!

User Info: darealest47

5 years ago#25
I just don't get it people were complaining about ghost in the blops 1 but when 3arc listens to y'all and make it less powerful you complain about it. You can never be satisfied I swear
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User Info: Mercyou

5 years ago#26
You do realize that you dont lose anything when you prestige... you have the option of getting your unlock tokens back, or keeping them
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User Info: Crack_Fox

5 years ago#27
ITT tc can't live without ghost and crys.
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User Info: Wolfox_king

5 years ago#28
WM_PMC posted...
If you need ghost to get a higher K/D, you're not very good. The fact that not having ghost will completely cripple you is hilarious. This is why I love the changes Treyarch has made to ghost.

This is exactly how I feel.
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User Info: theLongR0D

5 years ago#29
RepublicanThug posted...
So if you hide in a corner to goto the bathroom or answer the door a red dot automatically pops up?

That seems kinda bogus

How old are you?

You can't hold it for 5 minutes???

User Info: VoodooDog

5 years ago#30
If you play this game to be "good", im happy for you. I play to have fun (im not very good) and I hate being reduced to a red dot on the enemies radar and being blown up by a tube or grenade when I am somewhere no one can legitimately see me. Cheap or whatever, being invisible is how I enjoy playing. Gonna suck to get that 55.
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  3. This whole ghost thing is out of hand, I might not get BO2

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