Nerf hipfire!

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User Info: markothevrbaa

5 years ago#1
Seriously, every time I try to ads I lose the gunfight, only to find out in the killcam that the other guy just sprayed...
I don't remember hipfiring being this OP in any other CoD, everyone just sprays fer days, because that's how you do good in this game....
It needs a nerf, and it needs it quick
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5 years ago#2
Most of the maps are closed quarters or have alot of tight spots so of course your gonna lose to hip fire.
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User Info: kaban

5 years ago#3
oh here we go with the nerf this nerf that talk. game's been out for A DAY. How about you play some more?
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User Info: YetiCurbStomp

5 years ago#4
You are the reason that the high leveled guns that should be better then the starter guns aren't you can't blame hip fire. You need to take; range, damage, rate of fire, etc into account and stop complaining saying things need nerfed pretty soon tomahawks wont kill you in one hit either

User Info: LordofBallyhoo

5 years ago#5
Hip fire is only good with laser sight. Try hip firing a pdw at medium range and you'll find out it's way better with ads. Relax dude, and try hip firing at close range sometimes.
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User Info: DarkAdonis123

5 years ago#6
This is exactly why I hate this new gen of gamers. Always blaming why they suck on something else. Game's been out less than a day and you're already crying for nerfs.
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User Info: Vrresto

5 years ago#7
Maybe you should have hipfired first?

User Info: Moose_Of_Woe

5 years ago#8
Assault shield.
Let em spray dry.
Tomahawk to the jewels.

User Info: markothevrbaa

5 years ago#9
New generation of gamers? I'm coming straight from cod4, that is a game that actually works how it should. This game I can't do got because I am a second behind everyone. I empty half a clip into a guy, he turns, bursts and I die only to see in the killcam that I hit him once maybe twice.
It's EXACT SAME problem as MW3. I top scoreboards in CoD 4, waw, mw2, blops1, but somehow, from whatever reason I am struggling with MW3 and now this.

It's the broken spawns, lag and hit detection that gets me killed. I can aim at him and unload, but he somehow gets me by spraying. This is not how it works, even in close range, if I aim at him and all the bullets hit I should win the gunfight, not him for spraying everywhere.

I was kinda hoping it was going to be like Black Ops, since it's BLACK OPS, but I was wrong, it's MW3 engine, complete with horrible spawns, lag, hit detection and all the other BS that comes with it.
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