GS gives BO2 an 8.0 and Halo 4 a 9.0

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User Info: zebmarvin

4 years ago#121
Trailblazer34 posted...
henson802 posted...
Halo 4 is worlds ahead of CoD in every aspect.

And it ain't even close
I'm new.

User Info: DevilStrider

4 years ago#122
KFactor1 posted...
Yeah dude, H4 has nothing new. The ordinance system, weapon spawns, create a class option, customization...

Learn your facts man.

Just a bunch of haters man
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User Info: AuRoN_iZ_SiCk

4 years ago#123
What's the point of this topic? Your arguments against halo are completely false, there's a lot of new stuff. I don't see why you have to bash halo, it's still a good game, I play both of these games and see no reason why I should bash one of them.

User Info: ReDxVaLoO

4 years ago#124
Uzair_Chief posted...
Governator00 posted...
I disagree.
I'm entirely sure, your entirely sure, what I'm suggesting

User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#125
_huh posted...
henson802 posted...
ssj5king posted...
NGd72 posted...
Halo 4 is miles ahead of Bops2

It introduces many new things to the game, mainly multiplayer, whereas Black Ops 2 is just new maps and and a couple new weapons. CoD is falling apart because there is nothing they have done to evolve the game. It's the same game year after year. Changing the name will only get them so far

What did H4 introduce to the MP that was good? There's weapons spawn which everyone just rushes to the shotgun or another instant kill weapon, there's create a class that has very limited options which everyone only picks the DMR (or another sniper) for instant kills, there's armor customization which doesn't do anything to the gameplay at all (they don't even allow you to have it on in a lot of game modes) and there's only 5 little maps for small teams and 5 big maps for big teams which everyone spam votes for the 1 same map over and over.

You are wrong on so many levels, I'm at work so I can't waste my time correcting your foolish assumptions. I will remark that weapons are now random spawns so there is no bum rushing to them because you don't know which will spawn.

And not all the unlocks are shown immediately, when u start there are like 5 armor combinations, now I'm rank 29 and there are at least 20 armor parts for each part of body, and more continually unlock.

Just face the facts, Halo is a series that has a lot of effort and love put into each iteration, and is continually supported for years with ongoing challenges and playlist updates. CoD just rehashes 95% of the game and tweaks a few mechanics then starts on the next CoD cash cow

Where are these facts? The only reason why this game took so long was because a new developer was making it, not Bungie. Don't fool yourself. Because it took so many years for MS to put out the same Halo game it has had for sale since the last Halo game doesn't mean it's any good. Face it, it's the same game over and over again. COD is not much different.

Just because it took long to make a game doesn't mean it's any good. Face it halo fanboys, Halo 4 has barely anything new. The same old grunts/elites/spartans/worlds (that all look the same)/multiplayer (ohh don't forget the cool new "forge" that we've never seen before). Sorry haloboys, you waited three years for the same game you got last time, I know disappointment is hard to deal with, but that's what you got.

this post makes it an official troll topic

User Info: patriotee9

4 years ago#126
ohh42 posted...

Also your blatant disregard for the facts that Halo has entirely new enemies, environments, weapons, and story makes you seem extremely dumb.

This. COD's not bad or anything... but the newest Halo has reinvigorated the franchise with the things mentioned above. Thus it gets a better score.

User Info: ValedictorianXD

4 years ago#127
vashtricham posted...
Quote:Personally don't listen to Gamespot unless it's Kevin Van Ord reviewing. He's a good reviewer.
After his horrible RE6 review and his overrated reviews like ninja blade I will never take him seriously. He lets his own personal bias interfere with his reviews

Personal bias? A review conducted by a guy that has absolutely no experience in game design and is giving a purely subjective, uninformed (aside from playing the game) opinion on a released game?

Color me ****ing shocked.

SBKidJamX posted...
_huh posted...
Seems like GS is getting paid alot of money to stay biased towards Halo above all others.

I love when people trot out this line. "They didn't like <game I enjoy> as much as I did? They MUST be on the take!"

Yeah, that's sort of the way it's always been. Review sites can get paid in a large variety of ways too. It doesn't always have to be a large suitcase full of money like something taken out of a 1940s film noir. Get with the times. Reviewers and review sites get early access to games, lots of swag, certain exclusive rights, ad support and the list goes on.

As for BO2's 8/10 score (as opposed to a 9 or 9.5), one would think that Treyarch or Activision would be upset with this. Not really. Their games get so many pre-orders based on name alone that they couldn't care less what rating they get. Reviews are purely for convincing gamers to buy, or at least try out, a game. If a large percentage of gamers have already done that, this is just icing on the cake. In fact, it's icing that won't be able to compete with sales in DLC later on throughout the next year.
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User Info: Marty1001

4 years ago#128
henson802 posted...
Halo 4 is worlds ahead of CoD in every aspect.

And it ain't even close

In what aspect? Running and gunning, bunny hoping noobness?
CoD might be called that too but to less extent. Good positioning matters in COD, Halo is brainless fest.

User Info: HalfBakedGnome

4 years ago#129
_huh posted...
BO2 at least introduces some new ideas into the franchise, whether we agree with them or not. The game probably got the score it deserves, not on par with the greats, not a terrible game, but a good game with replayability. It does have most of the same elements used in previous games, just rehashed into a different setting, but nothing too innovative.

H4 has NOTHING new to show. Halo is the same game it has been since the beginning. GS gushes over that game, with some game player called tsquare doing halo buttlove stories everywhere. Most hyped rehash of old ideas in years.

SAME enemies, SAME weapons, SAME environments, SAME vehicles, SAME characters, SAME story. BORING. Nothing critical said about halo anywhere on GS.

Seems like GS is getting paid alot of money to stay biased towards Halo above all others.

Halo 4 has an entire new race of enemies, I like both games I don't understand why these two games have such hostile fanboys, it's almost as if it's against the law to like both of them.

Activision is known for milking the hell out of COD and Guitar Hero, that's why they're one of the most hated game publishers along with EA. CODs a great game but you have to admit it's a huge cash grab the way they release a new one every year along with about $60 of dlc.

Don't get me wrong I like COD it's a great series, I just think Activision cares more about your money than they do about the game itself. That's why I chose Halo, It's also hard to get hyped up for an fps that you know is consistently released year after year.
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User Info: SpeakerEnder

4 years ago#130
You could make the same argument for either game being fresh or stale. Your opinion is which is more or less fresh or stale probably depends on your personal opinion - which you enjoy more. Understand this, move on from this thread, move on with your lives.
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