Are there Parental Control Settings?

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User Info: bandit7878

5 years ago#1
My boss just called and wants to know if this is an appropriate game for his kid who's 12.

His kid said there is a setting to turn off all the blood and gore and swearing so he should be able to get it and play with all that turned off. So 1, is there a gore setting, and 2, how bad a parent would he be to get it for a 12 year old to play with the blood turned off?


User Info: PathlessBullet

5 years ago#2
Kids will lie through their teeth to get something, huh?
ADD, no. Where is the thread for Fallout OCD players?
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User Info: d3dsight

5 years ago#3
It actually forces you to choose if you want parental controls on or off when you first turn the game on.

User Info: DXiRoNMaN

5 years ago#4
just tell him yes, we need more 12 year olds playing
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