Please give an HONEST opinion on multiplayer

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4 years ago#11
Personal experience:

-I have only had a small handful of lag issues. Unfortunately one of them robbed me of an easy quad kill, but life goes on.
-Hit detection seems really good again.
-I honestly didn't realize how much I'd gotten used to knife lunge, even the tiny one. Plan for that if you purchase.
-The streak rewards haven't been as overwhelming as past games. I don't feel like I've been shut down by them yet. They are a bit more challenging to get but they're also more rewarding IMO.
-LMGs are useless.
-Most action areas are cramped and so the it feels like the game favors SMGs.

To me it feels like a mix between CoD4 and BO. Take that for whatever it may be worth.
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User Info: BeefyNukes

4 years ago#12
Pretty terrible because of spawns.

It's another Run and Gun CoD. There's no teamwork, everyone dies the second they hear gunfire (as soon as you spawn), and the maps are way too small.

User Info: Dark_Assassin_X

4 years ago#13
Better than MW3 by a mile. The guns feel and sound pretty good, camping is definitely reduced (If I do see them it's cause they're stubborn morons who always run back to their spot after getting greased), and the maps have a good variety. Some are great, some not so much (I'm looking at YOU Express).

Oh and the one big thing that really has me impressed? The pistols are actually pretty damn good. Seriously. I ran out of ammo for my assault rifle, thought I was screwed, and then proceeded to wreck face with my Tac 45. Did this over the course of five games and three separate lobbies to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. It wasn't. Pistols are awesome and snipers don't have to feel defenseless without Overkill.

I haven't had fun with a CoD like this in a long time, and that's actually saying something. Black Ops 2 was kind of "Meh" to me and I stopped playing MW3 full time after about a month.
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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#14
BeefyNukes posted...
Pretty terrible because of spawns.

It's another Run and Gun CoD. There's no teamwork, everyone dies the second they hear gunfire (as soon as you spawn), and the maps are way too small.

So, pretty typical CoD then? All CoD is run and gun.
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User Info: sonic_rockz

4 years ago#15
You take the point.
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User Info: HellKnightX

4 years ago#16
It feels too much like MW3. The guns are all stupid powerful, even the handguns. The maps are indeed too small for the spawns they're working with. If you decide to commando rush the general area that the enemy is spawning in, there's a good chance you'll kill someone only to have them respawn right next to you. Definitely not as good as the first Black Ops, but it has potential. I think the UAVs are more broken than they used to be with the nerf to ghost and the way the new loadout system works. And with all the clutter on the maps, it's very difficult to shoot them down before they fly off.
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#17
Never played MW3, but I think Black Ops was a little bit better than this so far at least.
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User Info: prdude123

4 years ago#18
My biggest question: IS CURRENCY BACK? I loved the currency system!

I think it removed the advantage of higher level players over lower level players on stuff like perks and attachments. A level 10 person could be easily kick a clan of level 50 dudes because he can get cool stuff at the beginning.
GT: prdude123

User Info: Frost_Man

4 years ago#19
Better than MW3, but, so far, not as good as the original Black Ops.
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User Info: vetsniper22

4 years ago#20
vigorm0rtis posted...
Turtlemayor333 posted...
Better than MW3
Worse than Black Ops

Not sure about this yet. I mean, decidedly better than MW3, but I haven't played enough to decide whether it's worse than BO.

Right now I believe it is better then both those games, but the "tryhard LOL BK RANDY" guns have yet to be "published" by the players and you do have a lot of worse players currently.
BUT you have to keep in mind there are 100 percent more campers then there will be a few months from now.
So you gotta look at it from both sides...I love Blops 1, my favorite CoD, and I feel this is a worthy successor.
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