Please give an HONEST opinion on multiplayer

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User Info: BaphometFlux

4 years ago#51
I like it better then MW3.... MW3 was awful (my opinion of course)

User Info: Zorah19

4 years ago#52
Spawns are terrible, hit detection is flitty, overall not really enjoying it so far,

User Info: Comet39

4 years ago#53
It's not bad. The spawns aren't great, but I think it's because the maps are smaller. The SMGs are way out of control though.
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User Info: count_hamstein

4 years ago#54
It's like a good version of MW3. I just wish we had a tiny bit more life or guns were just a bit weaker. I'm one shotting everyone and getting one shotted by everyone.
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User Info: narfa

4 years ago#55
Frustrating. I either go 3.0 KD or ..5, There doesn't seem to be an in between. It just sort of depends what the game is feeling at the time.
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User Info: Ivany2008

4 years ago#56
there are positives and negatives

starting with what i dont like:

No Missions, which i understand the removal of, but it was fun to do in black ops 1 just to challenge myself.

Couple modes from MW3 not in this game, ie All or Nothing or Drop Zone, but again its understandable since its a different company

You can only have a certain amount of things equipped. In order to equip certain things like an extra Perk, you have to remove something else, which kind of annoys me

Care Packages. I love Care Packages but they bounce too much if they hit a corner or an edge or something. Take Nuketown 2025 for example. The garden in the back of one of the houses, I threw a care package grenade towards the house(it hit the fence btw between the house and the garden) and the Care Package fell down, bounced off the fence and out of the level a good 4-5 feet

Perk Pros. I don't know if they are currently in game, but I have yet to see them.

Leveling.... I really dont know..... I don't like the idea of leveling a weapon dozens of times to use an extended mag

Things I like:

The Speed. It actually feels like a fluent shooter now. Your constantly on the move

The Levels. Really well done on the part of Treyarch(Though I have yet to see any levels that are feel empty like Jungle, Array, or Crisis)

I just hope that after this game, they release a multiplayer COD featuring all the levels from a COD past, using this game style. It perfectly sets what a shooter should feel like

also i'd like to note, that death machine and reaper and the like are now killstreaks and last past a single death, until you run out of ammo, and that sentry guns last quite a long time(seriously i had to knife one like seven times for it to be destroyed(at least i think))
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User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#57
- Futuristic equipment and killstreaks look and feel awesome
- Same old COD community, just people raging lol
- Zombies is fun and feel unique this time around

- Maps are VERY small, I usually spawn with an enemy right around the corner from me.
- I played for about 3 hours today and the game froze on me 4 times, NOT GOOD
- The guns are average, I only say this because most of them just don't feel right to me. Though I can't say much since I'm only level 16
- Spawning is a problem due to small maps
- You usually can't stick with the same people you just played with on a match because it will take longer then 5mins to get into the match. I'm serious it's so bad. This can easily be solved by just finding another game but it's still a noticeable problem.

User Info: CallMeSeeker

4 years ago#58

UAVs everywhere
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User Info: KarnRX78

4 years ago#59
Outside of Hardpoint I've had no issues with spawns. On Hijack you run into enemies quickly but that doesn't bother me.

Overall I need more than 1 day to have an honest opinion. But I'll give my first impressions.

The game is really fast. I get a lot of double and triple kills with my gun. The scorestreaks are harder to get, but in an objective game type things add up fast. One game on Stand Off I went through UAV, Hunter Drone and Lighting Strike twice just trying to capture the B flag on domination. That was in the opening minute, that game turned into a murder fest fast.

Holding down a small area will get you killed unlike MW3. Nades are more powerful and tactical nades are good. If you have good aim, assault rifles are good. I'm liking the SWAT personally, no select fire. Upper Torso burst usually kill in 1 hit, I can't wait to try the other burst and semi auto weapons.

SMGs are dominate in this game by far though. As most engagements are close-medium to in your face, they are great for that. I've found SMGs to work in each CoD however, some of the BO ones were vastly underrated. The biggest mistake I see people making so far is sprinting around corners, then yelling when I out gun them.

I've just started using the very first shotgun and I'm not sure what to think. One moment I think it is time to go all Sandy Ravage. Other moments I'm wondering why I'm using a shot gun. Upper torso blast are 1 shot kills, 2 shots to the legs. With more attachments it might work better. Need more info on the range, hijack is not a great map for testing range.

I'm not a sniper so I haven't even tried them outside combat training. Same goes with LMGs, I've only used them in the Campaign.

Hardpoint is a fun gametype, but as stated the spawns can be wonky. I've spawned with enemies on multiple times, luckily for me I was behind them. As I've stated Doubles and Triples come real easy in this game. A good lighting strike and take out the whole team.

Connection wise I've experienced little lag, the lag I have seen was on my side. Getting shot around corners happens still, an annoyance to be sure. So far I haven't seen any of the lag come BS that MW had. Then again I didn't have lag comp problems with MW3 until a week or so after launch.

Playing the objective is rewarded in this game like no other CoD. As I stated earlier, you can run through the lower streaks very fast. Being a kill whore and leaving the objective won't reward you as much as it used to. You get more points and a higher score with objective play by far.

Overall too early to say. MW3 made me rage from the start. So far this game hasn't made me rage and it has been fun. I feel like this is closer to MW2 than MW3 so far, on the larger maps it feels like Black Ops however.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#60
I CAN'T WAIT to play this game.
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