This or Halo 4?

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User Info: matthew 333

matthew 333
5 years ago#21
Halo 4. COD is by no means bad, but halo beats it this time.
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User Info: JJrooot

5 years ago#22
Halo 4...the game is so damn fun.

I suck at it... but when i have those 30+ kill games... nothing feels better XD
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User Info: quadomatic23

5 years ago#23
Halo 4
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User Info: ImTooSkilledd

5 years ago#24
Halo 4.

User Info: Midnighta23

5 years ago#25
Definitely Halo 4...and I'm usually more of a CoD guy personally.

User Info: UltimateGeth39

5 years ago#26
Halo 4
it definately tells you how good a a game it is if most of the people on a COD message board are saying its better.

User Info: Darkshowers

5 years ago#27
Halo 4 and it's not even close.

User Info: Mercalicious

5 years ago#28
Halo 4 got really boring to me after the new game effect wore off. If you liked the previous Halo's, don't expect to enjoy Halo 4 beyond the campaign.
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User Info: omniflash8

5 years ago#29
Halo 4 bro
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User Info: SirenHunter

5 years ago#30
Have not played black ops 2 but Halo4 is a breath of fresh air and is very fun atm

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