This game is MW3, I hate it, didn't enjoy myself once today in 10 matches

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  3. This game is MW3, I hate it, didn't enjoy myself once today in 10 matches

User Info: FRo3tBLo0d

5 years ago#61
Superjets94 posted...
I love how people respond to this great post as get better!!!! die less !!!

everything u said is right on point I came on this board to see if I was crazy ??? I guess im not everything I have been feeling just got confirmed

for the record black ops is my favorite call of duty so you can imagine how upset I am :(

I do know of a quick fix for this give us a playlist of all the black ops 1 maps.

this game is crazy and all I use is smgs run and gun and im saying this game is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there is no rhyme or reason for anything in this game. My only goal is to get a UAV and Shoot UAV's down that's all I do all game try to get 3 kills and shoot down uavs.

someone else said wait for the patches I think ur right trechyard has a good history of patching things up but how do you patch the carrier map ??? or the cruise ship map ??? iv yet to see anyone have a 2.0 kd in those maps everyone finishes around 1.0 kd everyone spawns right on top of each other I spawn and aim right away and start doing 360s lol

Don't play the game then, Nobody really cares if you don't like the game.

User Info: GreyDominion

5 years ago#62
Black_Ops___ posted...
agree with everything tc said.
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User Info: melongstrike

5 years ago#63
Could not agree more TC

I love BO1 so you can just imagine my disappointment in this game right now.

I do remember BO 1 not being a great game week 1 of its release and they made tons of changes that ultimately were the best choices.

The problem with the thought of them patching this game is its basically MW3 so no amount of patching will fix it.

I will wait till I complete a prestige before I sell it but this is for sure my final COD title, 2 bad years in a row is probably a good indicator that it's time to keep the cash in my wallet.

User Info: MG42_CHEF

5 years ago#64
I agree that the maps are very flanky (new word yes I know) but I am doing what I have done in the past which is patrolling one area for a minute then move onto another. It really is the only way to play defensively now with any degree of success.

Right now, lag is the big killer for me and being also on PS3, their is some type of error where I can't even get into a lobby.

Thankfully I am getting a 360 soon.
"I loved throwing cans of flatulance at people sitting in corners. Even the hitmarker noise sounded like a fart. I will also miss those days." -aj4x94

User Info: Bossfella

5 years ago#65
I have nothing against Call of Duty as a series, but its fanbase consists of some of the most whiny, childish people I have ever seen.
Can you feel the sadness in our love? It's the only kind we're worthy of.
Can you feel the madness in our hearts, as the key turns and the engine starts?

User Info: Superjets94

5 years ago#66
another great response don't play the game!!!

how about I want to play the game !!!

admitting there is something seriously wrong with the game is not people hating or trolling the game its just facts

if you don't see the problem with these maps and spawns and the fact that why??? even put Lmgs and sniper guns in this game since there is no place for them on these cluttered little maps then there is something wrong with you hence why your only response is

you don't like it don't play!!!

that's not what its about COD games are the only games I play that's it soo trust me no one likes this game more then me but the fact is as it is now its frustrating and unplayable

User Info: rhys855

5 years ago#67
Faust_8 posted...
And I am seriously buying no more CoD games. That's it. I'm done. They've burned me twice in a row now.

No, I am not bad. I've always had K/Ds above 2, 2.4, or 2.5. I've mastered every gun class, I've championed unorthodox classes that trounce the "best" guns and "best" Perks. I am not bad.

But this game is literally as frustrating as MW3 because it copied the biggest reason MW3 was frustrating--the maps and spawns. This game improves on every other mistake MW3 made, but that's like comparing a broken car with a broken engine and then improving it so it looks spiffy but still has that broken engine.

The maps are, once again, utterly terrible. At no point can you be tactical or smart about how you move, because going anywhere brings you past 1-3 sightlines to your back/side. And it's full of corners and doorways and numerous "headglitching" spots (seriously, it's like they put chest-high cover at the edge of half the corners of the game).

Sniping is pointless unless you're both good at quickscoping and vain enough to do it. LMGs are gimp-city since they aim EVEN SLOWER than before (what is the reasoning behind that decision?) and the map design heavily favor weapons more suited to close range than LMGs are.

It is SMG city. There are 4+ SMGs on each team (out of 6) in every game. Because why not? Put a Laser Sight on them and they can easily beat the shotguns given the crazy-fast randomness of the maps.

When I die I don't think "ah should have expected that" at all. It's more like "given how many places I would have to see simultaneously to avoid that encounter, HOW COULD I HAVE AVOIDED IT?" There are way too many situations where you need compound eyes, or at least 10 sensitivity and ADHD disorder, to be able to move without exposing yourself to danger from several lines of sight.

Numerous times I've had spawn killed and reverse spawn killed. That almost never happened in the games that had good maps and spawns (CoD4, MW2, BO).

I don't think us "whiners" are doing it because we can't get scorestreaks or the guns are too hard to use or any of that--it's just that it's simply a more polished random cluster ****.

P.S. Some other decisions that I literally can't fathom--why did they decide to make all shotguns terrible unless aimed? Why can you not retrieve your Axe from dead bodies? And once again, what was it about LMGs that made you think they had to be worse?

Just stick with MW2 without all the hitlag.

MW2 Good spawns? LMFAO

User Info: adeel

5 years ago#68

User Info: Heroicmedic92

5 years ago#69
Don't worry guys, the next year call of duty will fix everything!

User Info: dueric

5 years ago#70
Shura_Surplice posted...
Can't blame you TC

"It's like people using the internet have never heard of the internet." - SadHillShowdown Gamefaqs member
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