This game is MW3, I hate it, didn't enjoy myself once today in 10 matches

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User Info: SicSlayer

5 years ago#91
tadmfpole posted...
I agree with the

The game feels like hardcore in core mode. I get hit marker after hit marker while my enemy appears on my end to drop me INSTANTLY. Of course the kill cam shows him shooting me several times, but I do not experience it while it is happening, just DEAD. INSTANTLY. No damage, no sound of a weapon being fired at me, BAM. DEAD.

Oh my god, THIS. This time a MILLION. My friends say Im an idiot but how could you not see this? It is beyond frusturating. I'm able to squeeze one shot off with my FAL, and Im dead almost instantly. Bit on their killcam they were shooting me for a few seconds already.
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User Info: Gmanzz666

5 years ago#92
I have all the Call of Duty titles. As I noticed, this game is very similar to MW3 which I do not enjoy.
One of the things that I hate is the shooting behind shoulder high cover. Its so annoying. No skill is needed. Just put yourself behind that and shoot.
Sure, some people will say "Thats how you play!"
Nooooo that is how you play MW3.
The original Black Ops was fun. Run and gun arcade shooter type. No camping none of that crap. At least not much of it.
But what can you do?
Dont get me wrong it is still fun, just not as fun.
End rant.
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User Info: teeebz

5 years ago#93
Completely agree. I'd rathet die and think "well he outplayed me," but no, it's always "oh wow...shot in the back again?". All the maps seem to be made for smg run n gun style...
GT- MR WhiteEe

User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
5 years ago#94
Black Ops players: "Ghost campers, OP weapons, big maps and hit detection are ruining CoD"
Black Ops 2 players: "SMG run n' gunners, small maps and lag compensation are ruining CoD"

Come on, people. BO2 has a completely different chemistry than any other CoD right now. UAV is near constant and picks up everyone (and with Ghost being the last unlock, you should get used to this).

The maps make less mobile styles of play much less advantageous before; everyone's still getting used to them, and no one's good at predicting them yet. Look at MW3's maps... many of those are poorly designed, but we learned them inside and out till we could predict where the enemy was coming from. BO2 will be no different, and BO2's maps are far more promising than MW3's.

The biggest difficulty right now is that with this game encouraging players to be aggressive so strongly, it really sucks that the lag is as bad as it is right now. You are given strong incentive to keep moving in order to stay alive, and the overwhelming majority of head-on gunfights seem able to go either way. This is a challenging problem and BO2's #1 issue at the moment.

For the time being, everyone is going to have to adjust. I had bad game after bad game yesterday until I was sufficiently humbled enough to change my play style, and now I'm back to getting 2.5-3.0 KDRs with 30+ kills in KC like usual.

Here's what I did:

-Recognize "meat grinders" and stop running into them. More so than ever, you've got to stop assuming you can win head-on gunfights. Don't move without a purpose and a plan, and avoid any engagement in which you are not the clear favorite. The lag is awful and these maps are all suburbs of Headglitch City. If you aren't tacticool at all times you will die unless the lag comp goddess smiles upon you.

-You're on their radar so you can't just flank the enemy willy-nilly like past games. You should focus instead on forcing the enemy to engage you on your terms. You want to be the guy standing behind a barrel shooting the guy running blindly towards the nearest red dot, not the other way around.

-During this early period of learning, run low streaks. If you're not getting your last streak more than once every game, you should definitely be running something else. I suggest UAV, Hunter-Killer, and Lightning Strike, or UAV, RC-XD, Hunter-Killer. There's little reason not to run Hardline, and together this allows you to get a few more kills on top of every few kills. It adds up.

-Equipment you don't use before you die is a waste. There's a lot of good equipment in this game and some killer combinations... for example, Danger Close + two BB's + Scav. Use your BB's as a first line of defense (or offense) and as an early warning system.

-Finally, as much as one might wish to try out every gun, if you are only concerned with doing well, just stick to advantageous setups. For example, SWAT-556 + Selective Fire... full-auto, this thing is practically unbeatable. People are making a big deal out of the MP7 and overlooking the Chicom and M8A1. The new Raffica is also ridiculously good in close quarters, and the S12 is next to impossible for an attacker to overcome if the S12 user is posted up. If you're going to use an LMG or sniper you need a plan or you'll get shot in the back.
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User Info: MichaelMateria

5 years ago#95
I like how the AR class setup I constructed a couple weeks ago seeks to be popular. SMR + Select Fire and other semi-auto variants. I should be getting the game by Saturday. Should be entertaining.

Also, CoD players whine harder during launch week than World of Warcraft kids on patch day. Geez.
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User Info: Faust_8

5 years ago#96
I have not even seen a single SMR yet, let alone with Select Fire. Why use an attachment that doesn't even let it fire faster than your finger can? (Also, don't bother with Select Fire on the CHICOM, it doesn't even fire as fast as spamming the trigger on burst mode will do.)

Anyhoo, last night I had some fun playing with my friends. However, I did dismantle my sniper class and didn't use my LMG class much so maybe that's why. :/

I guess one can have some fun with this game if they decide to use nothing but ARs, SMGs, and some shotgun. And there's always Zombies, I want to try that for sure.
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User Info: cwatz12

5 years ago#97
I totally agree. 2 cods in a row, 2 failures.

If this is the direction the series continues to go, I wont be back. Ill certainly be delaying my purchases in the future.

User Info: weezbo

5 years ago#98
I'm enjoying it a lot more than MW3, I gotta say. And the different style of play is encouraging me to change up what I've been doing.

I've always been a run and gunner from MW1 on. Never been interested in camping or sniping and I barely even broke the seal on my shotguns. SMG and AR all the way for me. Unless I needed to do something to break up the monotony or earn a new title or emblem, anyway.

Now, my favorite class and the one I top my team with most consistently is a sniper overkill with SMG backup for transiting to my next sniper perch and the sparking tactical grenade (which can be picked up) for covering the most likely approach to my back. I get about 2/3 of my kills sniping with that setup. The only maps I don't use it on are hijack (that's the one with the yacht, right?) and plaza as both of those seem to be the relatively small ones. So far, I'm favoring LMG on plaza and shotgun on hijack.

The only one I've notice really annoying spawns on is the yacht one. Even then, it's far, far better than I had in MW3, in which I'd spawn in someone's back pocket several times each map, no matter what the map, and in bo2, I'm seeing it happen maybe twice.

Sorry to hear you're not digging it. I'm enjoying the heck out of it and I think it's more fun for me than Halo 4 has been so far, but the Halo problems seems to be a community issue where people drop out as soon as their team starts losing.

User Info: scorpio man

scorpio man
5 years ago#99
Faust_8 posted...
And I am seriously buying no more CoD games. That's it. I'm done. They've burned me twice in a row now.

No, I am not bad. I've always had K/Ds above 2, 2.4, or 2.5. I've mastered every gun class, I've championed unorthodox classes that trounce the "best" guns and "best" Perks. I am not bad.

But this game is literally as frustrating as MW3 because it copied the biggest reason MW3 was frustrating--the maps and spawns. This game improves on every other mistake MW3 made, but that's like comparing a broken car with a broken engine and then improving it so it looks spiffy but still has that broken engine.

The maps are, once again, utterly terrible. At no point can you be tactical or smart about how you move, because going anywhere brings you past 1-3 sightlines to your back/side. And it's full of corners and doorways and numerous "headglitching" spots (seriously, it's like they put chest-high cover at the edge of half the corners of the game).

Sniping is pointless unless you're both good at quickscoping and vain enough to do it. LMGs are gimp-city since they aim EVEN SLOWER than before (what is the reasoning behind that decision?) and the map design heavily favor weapons more suited to close range than LMGs are.

It is SMG city. There are 4+ SMGs on each team (out of 6) in every game. Because why not? Put a Laser Sight on them and they can easily beat the shotguns given the crazy-fast randomness of the maps.

When I die I don't think "ah should have expected that" at all. It's more like "given how many places I would have to see simultaneously to avoid that encounter, HOW COULD I HAVE AVOIDED IT?" There are way too many situations where you need compound eyes, or at least 10 sensitivity and ADHD disorder, to be able to move without exposing yourself to danger from several lines of sight.

Numerous times I've had spawn killed and reverse spawn killed. That almost never happened in the games that had good maps and spawns (CoD4, MW2, BO).

I don't think us "whiners" are doing it because we can't get scorestreaks or the guns are too hard to use or any of that--it's just that it's simply a more polished random cluster ****.

P.S. Some other decisions that I literally can't fathom--why did they decide to make all shotguns terrible unless aimed? Why can you not retrieve your Axe from dead bodies? And once again, what was it about LMGs that made you think they had to be worse?

^hit the nail on the head
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User Info: supercoolisaac

5 years ago#100
MichaelMateria posted...
I like how the AR class setup I constructed a couple weeks ago seeks to be popular. SMR + Select Fire and other semi-auto variants. I should be getting the game by Saturday. Should be entertaining.

Also, CoD players whine harder during launch week than World of Warcraft kids on patch day. Geez.

Lmfao I've seen you play. Ill be surprised if you top a 1.5 k/d and 350 spm.
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