If you could have ONE thing changed or fixed in the first patch what would it be

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  3. If you could have ONE thing changed or fixed in the first patch what would it be

User Info: Sexy_Magikarp

4 years ago#21
Just the lag comp.
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User Info: adeel

4 years ago#22
ZER0_74 posted...
adeel posted...

Been playing for around 7 hours now. And NOT ONCE. NOT EVEN ONCE have I been killed by a hardscope. FFS

If you consider what this game offers as "quickscoping" quickscoping, then i'm sorry but you've lost your marbles. That's just being good and scoping quickly as I like to say; which is the way it should be (normal sniping). It's not mw2 quickscoping, which is imo what quickscoping is.

Absurdly aiming down the sight just to achieve perfect accuracy as quickly as possible having aligned your sights for a quick kill. Which is completely unrealistic.

What are you talking about?

I once saw a guy zoom in one his sniper rifle, and didn't even aim down sight, just to the point where the scope is going to reach the players eye, and shoot straight away, and did it 3 times, killing 3 people. To the point where my friends were complaining because they thought Trey would've fixed it.

User Info: The-Quaker

4 years ago#23
I have a confession to make. My one thing would be is to change the lag comp. But I didn't want my post to be littered with people telling me to stop worrying about my KD and that I just need to get better at the game. Glad to see a lot of you "lag comp believers" out there.
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User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#24
Lag comp. Give the combat knife some sort of benefit. Make the battle axes feel useful. Decrease lock on time with launchers. Spawns. Put UAV and CUAV in the same "tier" and have both be early unlocks. Allow knifing of sentries but only with the combat knife.

User Info: gOwCoD4

4 years ago#25
Weapon damage nerf. Every gun kills way too quickly (I can stand toe-to-toe with the Scorpion EVO while using a Five-Seven pistol, and some guy can beat me at long range spraying with a type-25 while I accurately fire back with a SWAT-556)
People really need to stop complaining about the inclusion of online passes...

User Info: Buddy_Dacote

4 years ago#26
IDontWinMuch posted...
Agree with number two; guns need recoil. Though to be fair this is an arena shooter, like quake, and did those guns have recoil? No. So w/e.

Not comparable. Most guns in UT and Quake didn't use hitscan, and those who did wasn't helped by godly aim assist. Besides, those games spawns weapons on map, which mean you can't spawn with the best weapons.

User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#27
JTC87 posted...
Guns need more damage.

Lol no
Go back to IW games if you need 1 bullet kills

User Info: Nate545

4 years ago#28
Hit Detection.

User Info: Nate545

4 years ago#29
Crayonmuffin posted...
The lag.
2nd Spawns.
3rd Bullet penetration. If I'm getting shot at and back behind a 5 foot thick wall of concrete, their bullets shouldn't just go through them and kill me anyway. Needs some work.

I shot through a boulder and got someone haha.

User Info: Fallout10mm

4 years ago#30
Lag and load in times. (Transit sometimes takes up to a minute to load in fully)
There is no overkill, there is "Open Fire" And "I have to reload".
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  3. If you could have ONE thing changed or fixed in the first patch what would it be

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