Halo 4 owns this game

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User Info: nucacola11

5 years ago#31
chickenlard posted...
nucacola11 posted...
chickenlard posted...
Ammonitida posted...
For one reason, no headglitching in Halo 4. Bungie made a genius design choice to lower the target reticule starting with Halo 2. This forces you to expose your whole frakken head in order to shoot behind cover.

Shame on Treyarch for not correcting this fundamental problem.

Last time I checked Bungie didn't make Halo 4 so you fail.

Yes, but Bungie made the change in HALO 2 OPEN YOUR EYES AND READ

I am Asian how dare you tell me to do things that are impossible.

OKay,sorry XD that was pretty funny

User Info: gucciburrr

5 years ago#32
The better overall game is debatable. However, when it comes to perfprmance, it's nit even close. Halo games ALWAYS outperform CoD. It's truly a shame how CoD constantly runs like ass compared to Halo.

User Info: SomeFatGeezer

5 years ago#33
COD is just the same every year now its no wonder sales are declining ( bops 2's have) people are getting sick of the same stuff a few new perks and new maps isnt enough might aswell be dlc COD 4 is the best, nice and simple.all you get on cod is kids camping trying to bump up their K/D ratio no team work whatsoever

User Info: daniel79

5 years ago#34
Ammonitida posted...
swongq posted...
Halo 4 is just the same as its predacessors with new enemies.

At least bullets don't come from the top of your forehead!

If you raise a rifle up to your head to look down the sight, where does it look like the bullets come from?

Are people really being this thick?

User Info: Scottydont19

5 years ago#35
Wait, Halo 4 owns this game? As in the game itself owns Blops2 because it knows its a better game than itself? Or the developers of Halo 4 own blops2 because they think its better than the game they made? Either way, its very interesting and I can honestly say I didn't know that.

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