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User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#81
Mewtwo_soul posted...
FeelMyBlade posted...
FeelMyBlade posted...
You have done a very good job at beating yourself:

Stay mad Hate sheep. Treyarch doesn't read these forums. So no, you are not a savior of a game. You are not a revolutionary icon. You are just some whiny internet kid with nothing better to do.

I am glad Treyarch and IW is not listening to people like you.

Bump this for your failures again, since none of your posts make any sense whatsoever.

A person who does have a good argument would have never posted what you have said in this topic. In fact you did the opposite.

Thank you for being ignorant and mad.

Blops 2 : 2
Hate Sheep : 0

My posts don't make sense? Very obvious logic doesn't make sense?

I'm glad you keep rolling deeper and deeper into that hole of yours. It makes me chuckle.

Also you are right the hate sheep are losing, but considering you're the only one that is mad here [IE element of hate: Anger: Rage: etc.] I guess you lost your own argument.

I love how you say you're going to play BO II but here you are arguing with me. Oh, I get it, you think having the final word in an argument will mean you won. Well guess what buddy I can go all night.

You lost all credibility when you called others sheep. Your post are not discussing the flaws. They are nothing but constant whining.

So now I cant play blops 2 and post here?
Your logic is trash. Stay mad hate sheep.
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User Info: keyblade_lord

5 years ago#82
Everyone is complaining about lag, I have had little to no lag throughout all of my playing. Needs more maps. I've only had bad spawns in free for all, the mode is near unplayable now. Nerfing Ghost wasn't really necessary IMO, but everything else seems good. I like the new scorestreak, 10 point system works well and it's pretty fun.
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User Info: singhellotaku

5 years ago#83
The lag comp is insanely frustrating otherwise im loving the game, that gets fixed and its near perfect

User Info: SAMCROftw

5 years ago#84
TheRisingSon posted...
People always look for something to complain about, don't mind them. The millions of us enjoying the game won't be affected by their ignorance.

And instead of the standard insult of calling fans sheep, this is my first Call of Duty game that I've owned. I've played the rest by borrowing from friends, and I hardly played more than a week of MW3 before I tired of it, but this game is something special. After a couple of rounds of multiplayer before that gets old I start playing zombies and all is well again.

There are some legitimate gripes about the game such as the Strike Force missions not being up to par and some problems with Custom Loadouts not working right in some matches, but besides that the people complaining are just haters who like to waste their own time voicing their opinions on the internet.

Lol and as we all know: voicing your opinion is a nazi-level extreme.

User Info: Bonezy_B

5 years ago#85
THAGR8UNO posted...
I personally have had a great first few days on bo2 and I didn't even realize all the gripes people had until I got on here. Other than the servers being down for a little the night it came out I am pleased with the game. Does anyone else feel this way. I am starting to think the majority of people on this board just want something to complain about

i am in prettymuch total agreeance :) i am very pleased with the game, my only complaints would be the server issues here and there not being able to get on and i am not a big fan of the uavs being called out every 7 seconds, i'd prefer not to be see on the map the entire match. but it is a good game to me, very happy with it.

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