In terms of Multiplayers to date.

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User Info: TyrantKnight

4 years ago#31
BO > COD4 > MW2 > MW3

I've only played a handful of BO2 games but I like it so far. Going to need a couple of months to fully form an opinion.
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User Info: xXBarbelithXx

4 years ago#32
CoD4 > BOP2 > MW2 (w/o danger close+ OMA) > BOP > MW2 (w/ Danger Close+OMA) > MW3
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User Info: Garrafan

4 years ago#33
boobizzy23 posted...
Garrafan posted...

Never played WaW

lol your a fool. let me guess, you love to play zombies.

Before you call me a fool learn English.
Yes, I love zombies. BUT MW2 was broken as hell (although it was very fun) and MW3 was complete trash.
A7x is the best band ever.

User Info: Disflex6

4 years ago#34
MW1 > BO > MW3 > WaW > MW2 > BO2
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User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

4 years ago#35
You know your game is trash when nobody puts it in first.
Ryyaann_Is_Band is warned.

User Info: Telvanni_guard

4 years ago#36
CoD4 > Black Ops 1 = Black Ops 2

So far at least. Things'll change soon enough. For better or worse.
GamerTag: Te1vanni Guard
"Telvanni you would disprove everyone. :D"- Saint_of_Misery

User Info: Dakota_Devil

4 years ago#37
Blops > Blops 2 > CoD 4 > W@W > MW 2 > MW 3
From way downtown......BANG!

User Info: BaNg11

4 years ago#38
MW2 > BO2 > MW = BO > WAW > MW3

User Info: PlayerFiftyOne

4 years ago#39
BO > WaW > CoD4 > MW3 > MW2 > CoD2

I'm rating this in terms of sheer fun. I believe CoD2 is the most balanced game. However, I absolutely loved BO. BO2 will probably go after WaW. I only got to ~ lvl62 in MW3 but I really, really hate MW2 (despite the amount of fun I had, it's a terrible game). CoD2 would be higher if people still played it and if I had friends who played it.

User Info: zcicecold

4 years ago#40
BO > WAW > CoD4 > MW3 > CoD2 > MW2

I will rank BO2 after a bit more play. So far, I'm loving it.
"Also, you gotta give Johnny Cage props for going into fairy-tale land and pretty much taking on monsters." - Kush_n_OJ
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