In terms of Multiplayers to date.

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User Info: rymo10

4 years ago#51
MW1 > MW 2 > BO > MW3 > BO2 > WAW

User Info: zebmarvin

4 years ago#52

Get it? Because they're all the same.
I'm new.

User Info: cocozimme

4 years ago#53
MW2>MW1> All others

User Info: Dark_Ixion

4 years ago#54
Currently waiting for: Paper Mario 3D, KH3D, Final Fantasy 15, DmC, Metal Gear Rising, Resident Evil 6.

User Info: MageofBlood391

4 years ago#55
BO1 > CoD4 > WaW > MW3 > MW2 > BO2

This is like the most disappointing game ever.
Smart ninja-type dude.

User Info: UtterMoon

4 years ago#56
MW2 > COD4 > WAW > BO1 > BO2 > MW3

User Info: Sonic Cannon

Sonic Cannon
4 years ago#57
Out of the ones I've played...
2 > 4 > MW3 > WAW > BO > 3 > MW2
Keep it green.

User Info: supertomato_13

4 years ago#58
MW2 > MW1 > BO2 > BO1 > W@W = MW3.
GT: Bobby Corwen PSN: SUPER-TOMATO_13
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User Info: Canucks97

4 years ago#59
MW2 > MW1 > BO2

I'm not gonna rank the rest. Didn't like BO1 and had way to much frustration with MW3

If you look past DC, OMA and some unfair killstreaks, I find MW2 the best. The maps were amazing (and for the record the campaign was as well). Many memories with that game that BO1 and MW3 couldn't capture.

Then again I was a much more avid COD gamer when MW2 came out since it was the first COD I played. Might have just grown old on me by BO1 and MW3, but giving BO2 a chance.

User Info: BlueEye0

4 years ago#60
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  3. In terms of Multiplayers to date.

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