Custom emblems really let you see how uninspired so many players are.

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  3. Custom emblems really let you see how uninspired so many players are.

User Info: RaGe0420

5 years ago#21
I hear they are temp banning if there is anything offensive in emblem.
G.T. RaGe0420

User Info: IAmNOTMcLovin

5 years ago#22
Working on The Halo of the Sun from Silent Hill.
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User Info: ThaLegendKilIer

5 years ago#23
So.. what the TC is saying is.. Picasso must inspire emblems. I didn't buy this game for emblems.

User Info: GreatTroySensei

5 years ago#24
God, this. 32 layers, free scaling and opacity, and all I see are dolphins, the !! badge and the word Elite. Oh, and I saw the aforementioned Pikachu last night.

****ing kids. For all the contact you have with computers and gadgets nowadays, I'da figured they taught one or two of you photoshop basics.
These are like, third dimension glasses, you know? They don't really work, though because I feel like I'm still seeing stuff in whatever dimension we live in.

User Info: jayman12311

5 years ago#25
Just finished this earlier today. :)
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User Info: ZyloWolfBane

5 years ago#26
I made a Sharingan emblem for fun, alot of people hate naruto so I figured an emblem from it would be a great way to troll people.
~Peace obtained through superior firepower!!~

User Info: RUNwhenCOPScome

5 years ago#27
NInjaZiru posted...
Mine is Gunter from Adventure Time holding her egg.

It puts the lotion on it's skin.

User Info: LoneReaper115

5 years ago#28
I built a reaper peeking out from the bottom of the emblem out of the skull from Elite.

I have ran into a lot of immature people using the humping dolphins and wangs.. Yes it's funny, but you can only run into so many kids drawing them.
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User Info: panthers_freak

5 years ago#29
unclekoolaid73 posted...
Why would i waste time on making an emblem when i can waste time getting shot in the back by some guy hiding in a corner.

That made me lol
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User Info: robulastage

5 years ago#30
Mine is a pink biohazard outline with a green biohazard symbol to fill it, and a pink heart over them both.

It's kind of an evolution of all the symbols I used throughout the years on Halo. They all had a pink heart in the center.

It's not the most creative symbol but it's definitely me. WHY that's distinctly me is a story for another day...
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  3. Custom emblems really let you see how uninspired so many players are.

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